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Very nice looking tomatoes, but many people who have tried them regard them as being not that good as tomatoes go. Plant produces a very small number of fruits, and is very late to mature.

Plants are sometimes said to produce large fruits, but most people say that their attempts yielded small sized fruits.

Sue Browning says "This 1800's heirloom from the Mid-Atlantic states is red with striking yellow-orange stripes. The fruit has ridged-shoulders and a smooth, meaty flesh. Mr. Stripey's mild, low-acid flavor make it a great choice for salads and sandwiches. Plants produce good yields and fruit can reach two pounds. This tomato is an "indeterminate" which means vines continue to grow and produce fruit until frost. The large vines will need support."

Tomato, Mr. Stripey - Plant
Tomato, Mr. Stripey - Plant - May 05, 2009

Tomato, Mr. Stripey - Plant
Tomato, Mr. Stripey - Plant - May 05, 2009

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