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Coral Aloe
Aloe striata

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Aloaceae Family

Aloe Genus


Native to South Africa

Physical Description
Aloe striata is a stemless aloe with blue green leaves. The leaves of this species lack the spines common on most Aloe and instead have a smooth attractive pinkish margin without any teeth. Attractive coral red flowers are borne during the winter months on tall flat-topped inflorescences.

General Information

Cultivation: Aloe striata is a popular and most rewarding garden plant. It is relatively easy to cultivate under a wide variety of climatic conditions provided it is planted in a well-drained situation in full sun and given adequate water but not over-watered. It can withstand extreme frost and prolonged drought. This species is not only very showy when in flower but also during the rest of the year on account of its attractive foliage.

Propagation: Seeds offsets in the spring through summer. Propagate them in evenly moist soil, mist occasionally, and keep in filtered sunlight until they are growing.

Veterinary Uses: As with most aloes, the plants provide nectar during winter, which is an important source of food for the attractive sunbirds and many other nectivorous birds during the cooler period of the year when food is not readily available.

Very appealing to hummingbirds

Coral Aloe

Coral Aloe

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