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Unknown Plant
Ceropegia woodii


Asclepiadaceae Family

Ceropegia Genus
Other Names for this Plant

String of Hearts, Rosary Vine


South Africa

Physical Description
This succulent vine is usually grown so that it is allowed to trail down. The leaves are heart shapped, and hence the common name. The tubular flowers appears all throughout the year.

Old plants often have large root tubers, and the vines often form small spherical tubers all along its length. These can be detached and planted on as new plants.

General Information

wimastergardener.org ?q=Ceropegia woodii
Description: Succulent, evergreen trailing vine, that grows to 2-5 cm in height and spreads to reach up to 2-4 m in length.

Thin and pendulous from which leaves hang,

Heart shaped that look somewhat like cyclamen leaves and marbled with shades of silver and green on the top, and green to purple on the under-surface. They are opposite

The roots, and occasionally the stems, will often develop tubers. On the stems these form at nodes and are likely the reason for the common name of rosary vine. The tubers are that forms at regular intervals on the stems can be used to propagate the plant

In general shape similar to those of other Ceropegia species, waxy, narrow. and bulbous at the base. (resemble small upturned vases) 2,5-3 cm long, off-white and pale magenta. The five petals are a deeper purple brown.
Blooming season:

The Ceropegia woodii blooms in profusion most in late summer-autumn (but flowers continues to appear till mid-winter if growing-conditions are adequate).

Horn-shaped seed pods containing flat seeds with their own little parachute, that are carried by any draft. They can be sowed immediately

Ceropegia Woodii Flower

Ceropegia Woodii Tuber

Ceropegia Woodii Leaves

Ceropegia Woodii Flower

Comment: Unknown Plant, Ceropegia woodii

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February 26, 2012
I never knew about this plant! Very beautiful!

Here's some more info I found.

en.wikipedia.org wiki Ceropegia

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