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bigberry manzanita
ericaceae (heath family)
Arctostaphlos Glauca

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ericaceae (heath family) Family

Arctostaphlos Genus
Other Names for this Plant

big berry manzanita, costal manzanita, manzanita,


it is common in souther califorina crom the coast to the s

Physical Description
small white bell like flowers (sometimes with a small tint of pink), evergreen leaves are thick round about 3 inches long

General Information

This plant is small tree or shrub usually around waist to shoulder hight but can grow as tall 25 feet, with small gray green leaves with waxy like coating. a very unique characteristic of this plant is its deep red bark (that some rodents cant get enough of), it is a beautiful plant thats bark has a wonderful smooth feeling. some native american tribes used this plant as a dried snack, and the cut the apical meristem of this plant along with the fruit and flower and made a nice tea like drink. some people also make jellys out of the berry. the wood was sometimes used by the Chumash(native people to ventura county area) to smoke salmon with.
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