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turf weed with thorns


Physical Description
This comes up every spring and has sharp, tiny thorns. My dog can't even walk on it and I can't walk on it without shoes. Very sharp! It's low growing so the lawn mower can't cut it. Last year I started digging it but it was a useless battle. It's not like a cockleburr, it's like very tiny rose thorns and then they turn into flat, round stickers like a cockleburr. I hope I'm making sense to someone. I'm located in Birmingham AL area.

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turf weed with thorns

turf weed with thorns
The parsley looking stuff makes thorns

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turf weed with thorns
Brenda Mills, North Carolina
May 19, 2020

turf weed with thorns
Jerico myles, Locust Grove
May 01, 2020
Soliva S. sessilis
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Google "Soliva pterosperma". A link to UGA will tell you all about it. It says its dormant during the summer so spray may be harder to work. But if you lay down a preemergent in the fall, that ought to prevent the seeds from sprouting next spring. I have them in my yard too and took me a while to find what they were.

turf weed with thorns
April 24, 2019

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