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Goldenrod, verge d'or
Solidago spp.

Type Categories Useful Parts


Compositae Family

Solidago Genus


Origin: U.S.

U.S. Distribution: Northeastern and northcentral U.S.

General Information

Height: Up to 4 ft.

Foliage: Alternate, simple, lanceolate, sessile, serrate

Flowers: Yellow ray and disk flowers in a terminal broadly pyramid-like panicle with conspicuous recurved branches

Bloom time: July to October

Habitat: Open places, meadows and pastures

Soil: Can grow in both moist and dry soils

"University of Vermont Extension"
This pest causes problems by:
Other: Falsely accused of causing hayfever. The plant is actually pollenated by insects. It happens to bloom at the same time as ragweed which sheds large amounts of pollen. Goldenrod is gaining popularity among gardeners and is often part of ‘native’ garden themes.
How to get rid of it:

Goldenrod, verge d'or - Pests
Goldenrod, verge d'or - Pests - May 18, 2009

Comment: Goldenrod, verge d'or, Solidago spp.

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