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Branco-lírio - Peace Lily or White
Spathiphyllum wallisii

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Araceae Family

Spathiphyllum Genus



General Information

Originally from Colombia, it is easy to grow with attractive leaves and white sail like flowers. There are several varities sometimes found.
Likes light but not direct light and unusually will ususally flower better in some shade. Keep at about 60 - 64F (16 - 18C), water and mist frequently, not allowing the compost to dry out. Because of this it thrives better in a clay pot rather than a plastic one. Feed frequently in the summer.
In good conditions it can double in size in a season and can either be divided or re potted. Compost should allow free draining but it likes a humus rich mixture and as much humidity as possible.
If the leaves begin to flop it needs more water. Yellow leaves may indicate too much light.

Branco-lírio - Peace Lily or White

Comment: Branco-lírio - Peace Lily or White, Spathiphyllum wallisii

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