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Guinea-Fowl Aloe
Aloe aristata

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Asphodelaceae Family

Aloe Genus
Other Names for this Plant

Torch Plant, Lace Aloe, serelei, medicine plant


Native to South Africa, its range includes the Eastern and Western Cape Provinces of South Africa, the Orange Free State (now just called Free State), Lesotho, and KwaZulu-Natal.

Physical Description
Aloe aristata is a stemless, clump-forming succulent, with dense rosettes of stubby, lance-shaped toothed, white-margined, dark green leaves, 3 to 4 inches long, with small white spots and soft white spines, particularly beneath. In the fall, produces terminal panicles, to 20 inches tall, 2 to 6 branched, bearing cylindrical, orange-red flowers, to 1 1/2 inches long.

General Information

Cultivation: Easy to grow, requiring very little care. Plant in well drained, rich soil in ample sun. The plants will benefit from a regular mulch of compost. Can withstand long periods of drought, but they will thrive and flower more profusely if watered in the correct season. Can be grown almost anywhere in the country, but prefer warmer climates. Only a few species can withstand severe frost.

Propagation: This small aloe is often cultivated as a house plant. It produces offsets regularly that can be carefully detached and replanted. If the offset has only a few roots, it is better to wait a few days to make sure that all the cuts are dry before replanting it. There is anecdotal evidence that plants kept in smaller pots produce more offsets.

Medicinal Uses: Sought after in South Africa for traditional medicine uses (specifics not given)

Other Notes: The Pondo people use the juice of Aloe aristata mixed with water to wash their bodies for its tonic and refreshing effect

Guinea-Fowl Aloe

Guinea-Fowl Aloe

Comment: Guinea-Fowl Aloe, Aloe aristata

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