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blue elderberry
carprifoliceae (honeysuckle family)
Sambucus nigra

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carprifoliceae (honeysuckle family) Family

Sambucus Genus
Other Names for this Plant

Sambucus mexicana, Sambucus nigra, elderberry, saúco, elder, qayas


this plant is found from British columbia to mexico and to the rockies

Physical Description
tiny white radial flowers with 5 petals, a large shrub or tree growing up to 20 feet tall, 6" long green serrated narrow compound leaves,

General Information

blue elderberry can grow as tall as 20 feet but usually only growing to 9. this plant has jagged leaves and this plant was widely used by southern California native americans in a multitude of ways they made flutes, bows, pipes, out of the easy to work with and hollow wood. the berries can make pies, jellies, jams, wines but are toxic if not cooked properly.

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blue elderberry

blue elderberry

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