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Add information about a plant family.

Kingdom: Plantae
Clad 1
Clad 2
Clad 3

Common Family Name*
The Family

Total Genus Number*
Total Species Number*
* No commas (,) or symbols.


Kingdom: Plantae
Clad 1: Angiosperms
Clad 2: Eudicots
Clad 3: Rosids
Order: Brassicales
Family: Brassicaceae

List all of Genera (each Genus)
that are members of this Family.

• Do not include families or sub-families in this list.

• List one family per line.

• Separate Species number with a ":"

• Do not include "," or "." in the number.


Asteraceae : 23000
Campanulaceae : 2000

Genera : # Species

Common Characteristics

Include a page about this specific category/species
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What is a Clad?
Right now, the international biological naming system is undergoing change.
Before the system was simply; kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species.
Now the Phylum and Class have been divided.

The 3 clads, won't be used much on the site for now, but you can include them if you'd like.
It won't hurt anything if they are wrong.

You can include a member of this family too, if you'd like.

For example, to add a specific member of the Rose family:
Family: Rosaceae, Genus: Rosa, Species: californica
Common Family Name: Rose

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