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Order of Trochodendrales

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Species: 2

Families in Trochodendrales
1) Tetracentraceae Trochodendraceae

botanical name for an order of flowering plants. An order by this name was recognised in the Cronquist system, as comprising the families Tetracentraceae and Trochodendraceae, each consisting of a single species. This order was placed in the subclass Hamamelidae [sic], in class Magnoliopsida [=dicotyledons].
The Dahlgren system made the same choice at the rank of family and order, but placed this order in superorder Rosanae in subclass Magnoliidae [=dicotyledons].
In the APG II system these two species are united into one family under the latter name (with the split into two families being optional), and the family is placed among the basal eudicots.
Tetracentraceae Trochodendraceae Family


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