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Using old seeds Marina

If you have seeds from past years and want to plant them it is totally fine, seeds should last for a long time. However there is still a risk of seeds not germinatings sometimes, due to the age of the seed. A good thing to do before planting old seeds is to test them first. You can do that by placing seeds on a wet paper towel folded in half in a sealed bag. First fold paper towel in half, then spray it with water, place seeds on paper towel and fold it again, forming a square. Spray more water and place the paper towels with seeds in a ziplock bag, and place bag by a window that gets light. After a day or two you should be able to see if the seed germinated. A little root will form from the seed and if that happens go ahead and plant that seed ;)

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Comment: Using old seeds

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March 30, 2009
This is great information.. thank you !
March 25, 2009
That is a helpful tip, I had heard of testing it, but did not think to go ahead to plant those ones that had germinated in the paper towel. Thanks Marina.


Portland, Main March 24, 2009
I wonder if that would work with some of the old seeds I have. I'll try it on some corn seeds.

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