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Cook a Chicken with a Solar Oven gardengeek

Cook a Chicken with a Solar Oven - YouTube.com
This is great to know when you go camping.

Put your chicken and fixings in a pot inside the solar oven.
Seal the over so that no pressure or air can escape.

Hard to over-cook.
Cooks very moist.

Reflectors need to be adjusted every hour or so.

You can also use a windshield screen reflector with and an oven or turkey bag.

It can also be used to sterilize water.
230 degrees after 1 hour
2.5 hour partly cloudy - just under 300 degrees
The chicken is done when there is plenty of condensation, and you can smell it strongly.

Be careful of the steam, if you did it right there should be a bit of pressure.
VIDEO: Solar Cooking
Learn about wild food with Green Deane. In this video see a chicken cooked in a solar oven and learn how to make a very inexpensive portable solar cooker you can use in the field to cook your wild food.


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