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Multi Seed Sowing - What could have gone wrong? rebecca
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My friend took the time to put some seeds together, however they did not sprout at all.
She has heard that other people on her area were able to sow the seeds without using artificial lights.
So with that in mind she thought it would be okay to put them outside, even though they have not sprouted yet, just for the fact that was getting warm outside and it is right around the beginning of May. There was also some rain for a few days, but they were inside this small "green house" device. (see photo)

---- If anyone has any tips on how to grow seeds without using any artificial lights, how much sun light is needed, and when is the right time to take it outside, please share them ----

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Multi Seed Sowing - What could have gone wrong?

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Comment: Multi Seed Sowing - What could have gone wrong?

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May 11, 2009
This technique can absolutely work.
I did this exact technique in a window sill and had the seed sprout into seedlings. However, I did see in the store where I bought my "green house"" device that some of those in the store had a heated bottom, for a bit more $$. So I did place a heating pad under my green house device for warmer temperatures to help the seeds sprout and I also watered on quite a regular basis. I also used a very light potting soil that did have organic compounds to it (in what ratios I am not sure) and placed it in a south facing window that got a good amount of light most of the day.
CONSIDERATIONS when it comes to seeds sprouting: temperature, water volume, soil density and light. If anyone else can think of other factors to consider please share.
TEMPERATURE: Can very from plant to plant (my box had broccoli, tomato & basil; broccoli sprouted first as it is a cool temp. plant).
LIGHT: For many seeds to begin the sprouting process actually need to be in the dark (under soil), but not all. As far as once the the seed sprouts enough to reach out of the soil also has different light, some need direct sun all day (agave, cactus), some need spotted light, (violet), some want no direct light only diffused (most mosses).

SOIL DENSITY: Very compact soil may pose an environment where the seedling may not have enough energy to sprout through soil and reach the light.
WATER VOLUME: Soil mostly will be best medium for germinating when kept evenly moist but not soaking wet. Too much moisture can cause seeds to rot. Spray bottles are a great way to water newly planted seeds & small seedlings. Another technique is to water the bottom tray. An even humidity and moisture reduce the frequency of watering.

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