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Adding/Sizing Images for best results

Here are some common questions and their answers about images and how to set them up for best results on-line.
How do I add an image?

Click the Add tab above, then select Add Plant, Add Fungus, etc.
If you know the name of the plant or creature your uploading, then fill out the name etc.
Then click "Save".
The next page will ask you to "Browse..." for a JPG image on your computer.
Once you've selected your image click "Upload", then wait for the page to complete loading.
If you have another image you would like to add, then repeat this process.

How do I edit my page?
How do I add more images?

While being logged in, view your page. You will see an "Edit" and an "Add Image" button somewhere near the top of the page. To change the text in your page, click Edit.
To add more images, click "Add Image", then click "Browse..." on the little form. Once you locate your image on your computer, click "Upload". Your image should then appear on the right once it has finished uploading. There, you can add a new title and caption to the image if you wish.

What is a pixel?
Pixels are the tiny squares on your computer screen.
They are very small, each square pixel is made of 3 rectangular colored lights.
Put a magnifying glass up to your computer screen you'll be able to see the individual pixels.
On the computer, you measure image dimension in pixels.
A common image size might be 500 pixels by 430 pixels.

What's the difference between Image Size and File Size?
File size is different than an image's pixel dimensions. File size is the space that the file takes up on your computer.
The file size changes with the resolution, quality and number of colors in an image.

Files are stored in snippets of binary data called bytes.
An example of file size would be 4K or 15M or 6G.
"K" or Kilobyte means one thousand bytes, "M" means one million bytes, and "G" means one billion bytes.

A "Large" image might mean three things:
1) The image size (pixel dimension) is high, this doesn't mean the resolution is high, or that the file size has to be high.
2) The resolution is high, if the image size is substantial, this will usually make the file size large.
3) Actual file size, usually means that the resolution is high, the pixel dimension is high, or both.
What is a JPG?
A J-PEG is the most common image file format that is used on the internet.
This format allows one image to have multiple quality levels to achieve a smaller file size.
JPG files end in .jpg
How do I know how big the file size of the image is?
If you select the image file and click with the Right Mouse Button, a pull-down menu will appear.
Select Properties to open a small information box about the file.
You would like your image to be under 100 KB.

How do I know how big the image is in pixels?
To see this, you might have to open the image in your image editing program or in your internet browser.
There you will be able to click the Right Mouse button to bring up a pull-down menu that says properties.
Select Properties and it should tell you the pixel dimensions; height x width.

Why do I have to resize the image?
Learning how to resize an image is also empowering for anyone in digital imagery.
When you resize the image it will cut down on server upload time.
Also when there are too many people uploading images, the server can lock up. This will also help you to control the sharpness etc. You will have a new skill.

What's the best size to make my image?
500 x 500 is the best size for display on HHG, if you file is bigger than this ie: 700 x 400, it will be sized down to about 500 x 285, and some digital distortion may occur.
It's good to crop it and resize it yourself to make sure it looks the way you like it.

How should I name the image?
For best results for other members to be able to find this image, is to name it properly.
A good name would be something like: Blue_Crocus_Buds_032.jpg
A less effective name would be something like: FG000032.jpg

How do I resize the image?
If you have a image editing program, there should be an easy function there to change the size.
Below is a free site that will enable you to resize your images for free:

Google: Image Resizer

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