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To add an image:
To add an image, you must first log in.
If you do not have a username and password, create one here.
Once you've logged in:

Click the "Add" tab, in the top menu. Select which type of image that you are going to upload, ie; Plant, Fungus, Animal.

The "Add" Page will open, you can fill out the form if you want to.
If you add a Title to the image, this will help others to find it. If you don't know what it is called, you can describe it simply, ie "White Flower", "Green Spider", "Brown Mushroom".

If you add the name of the plant's "Family", then it will connect it to all of it's relatives, and display a diagram on the page.
Once you've entered what you wanted, scroll down, click Save, then it will ask you to upload an image.

Click "Browse...", a dialog box will open. Select your image on your computer. It will need to be in JPG format. It will also need to be smaller than 1 Megabyte in file size. Once selected, click "Upload". Once your image has been uploaded, it will apear on the side of the Upload image box. There, you can add a caption or change the title.

To add another image to the same page, click "Browse..." on the left.

Healthy Home Gardening

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