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About Me:
I have over a dozen plants in my office. Such as: Golden Pothos, Arrowhead Vine, Philodendron, Snake Plant, 3 - Dieffenbachia, Jade Plant, 1 - Green & 1 - Pink Polka Dot Plant and 2 - different kinds of Ivy. I have a few other plants I don't know the name of. Maybe I'll post them as unidentified too.

Gardening Specialties:
So far I've been very good at taking care of my office plants. I went on a re potting spree and they are all growing quite large now. It's very exciting. I learned that sometimes you just have to put a plant in bigger pot and that's all it needs.
I would like to learn more about:
The plant names of my plants and how to care for them. Also, I've been having problems with Spider Mites. They are driving me crazy. I've had to get rid of 2 plants because they got so bad. The mites just snuck up on me before I knew what was happening. Sometimes they are hard to see on plants like Ivy.

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