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Salt Lake City Utah USA Last Login: March 26, 2014

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About Me:
I am a member of UForage, a foraging group in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We are focused on learning plants by family. With this we are able to then quickly identify individual species. We meet once or twice a week, where we build family flower types with play-dough, and are constructing a real Plantae Tree of Life.
Then we head for the nearby mountains for a quick walk and identification study, or we walk around the block, looking at plants growing in people's yards. Check out my blog to see what new plants we have been documenting.
UForage Facebook link below

Gardening Specialties:
Plant Identification, Wild plant edibility, toxicity and uses.

I would like to learn more about:
Tree Identification, Tree uses, Mycology, Mushroom identification.

UForage Facebook

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Check out this Utah Plant Identification Master:

Over 600 pages of (mostly) Utah plants:
flickr.com photos zharkikh

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