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About Me:
At last as of May 2011 I have my own backyard. I have fallen in love with working in the garden. I crawl around the plants and observe for identification. I really dig getting up close with the plant life. I have seen many different spiders and this is all a big thrill for me. We have eaten some of our potatoes. Since the earth was not ready for planting until Aug. 13th 2011 I was not able to successfully grow too many food crops. The toms will have to wait til next season

Gardening Specialties:
I have not yet built a forte however my sunflowers did quite well. I have been successful in growing luscious sweet corn and yellow summer squash.
I would like to learn more about:
The scientific name of plants. The best times to plant a variety of edibles. The relationships between soil types and plants. I would like to learn more foraging and natural means of pest control. Basically as a novice I desire to learn all I can about my garden and the plant world at large

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