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About Me:
As far as gardening goes.... most of my childhood I knew little of growing food - like many of us in my generation, especially here in America (cities & suburbia). I believed fruits and vegetables really came from the grociery store. The small amount of canning from fruit trees (apricot, peach, cherry) in our very own yard, was little in comparison to the food we bought in the grociery store, hence that association.

Gardening Specialties:
A broad range of general info. on vegetable gardening, some basic landscaping & drought tolerant plant choices and composting.
My first experience with active gardening (outside of weeding and mowning grass), was in my 3rd year of college where my involvement was growing vegetables. The facination began with an on-campus, organic garden through a global environmental issues class. I was hungry for more after that one season and asked my professor if I could be his first Teacher's Assistant for the next Organic Gardening class that same year. I longed to see and know the fruits of our labor, from the starts we began in our greenhouse there in late winter.
I would like to learn more about:
Nutrient content of plants, polination, honey bees, transplanting, companion planting, pests & bugs, plant disease.

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