During the time of quarantine or confinement, it is important to learn to manage time well. Otherwise, before you know it, day after day will have passed and you will not have done anything productive.

There are those who have already cleaned every corner of their house, they have seen all the episodes of their favorite series that they had pending, they have bathed their pets, they have exercised; they have gained weight again, etc.

All this has left them without many options for activities to do inside the house.  However, there are two alternatives. The first: staying at home bored watching the days go by and becoming more and more sedentary, boring and less productive.

The second option is to learn to manage your time to include activities that enrich and give diversity to your life; such is the case of the courses. Have you thought about doing one? Now may be the time to dedicate yourself to doing what you love so much. For example, learning a new language, painting, doing some crafts, practicing gardening, etc.

On the Internet you can find a wide variety of free courses. This means that you can learn to do what you want from home and without paying anything. If you have no idea where to start or what to do to locate the best courses, you have nothing to worry about.

In this post, I will be telling you, specifically, what the 5 best gardening courses are online. Knowing this information will help you know where you can direct your efforts well.

In addition, it will guarantee you to have free, but quality education. So what are you waiting for? Don’t let another day go by. Let’s get to work and see what your best alternatives are to take gardening courses.


If you have a small balcony or a terrace, you can enjoy making a small garden or growing your favorite plants. To be successful with this hobby, you just need to have a basic understanding of gardening.

If you have no idea how a seed is planted or how the soil is prepared for it, you have nothing to worry about. On the Internet, it is possible to find any number of gardening courses, even free ones.

However, it is not about taking any course, but about receiving the best education. You will achieve this by participating in one, or several, of the following online gardening courses:

  1. Ivan’s garden. This is a YouTube channel where you can learn to plant and grow your own crops. The best of all is that you will do it in an ecological and organic way. On the other hand, you will also learn different home remedies that are related to gardening and how you can get rid of the most common pests and diseases of plants. In this way, you will guarantee that they continue to live for much longer.
  2. Garden TV. This is another YouTube channel where you will learn many tricks related to gardening. Here you can learn how to take care of your plants, how to make your own homemade fertilizers and pesticides. In addition, you will find out what the properties of the best-known plants are, among other things.
  3. Info Garden. This channel has more than 400 thousand followers, which means that it enjoys a lot of popularity and acceptance. In it, you will be able to know everything that is related to the care of small gardens. All the videos you find on the channel will inspire you to make your own garden, no matter how little space you have for it.
  4. Garden stuff. The owner of the channel is responsible for explaining, from his experience, what are the most common successes and failures in the world of gardening so that you learn to grow your own vegetables without having to leave your home.
  5. OS plants to the rescue. This channel will not only teach you everything you need to know about planting and caring for plants. It will also help you realize that gardening can be a stress-relieving activity that you can enjoy to the fullest.

One thing these courses have in common is that they are aimed at people who have little or no experience in the world of gardening. For this reason, and for more, they turn out to be the best on the internet. But, what do you need to participate in any of them?

What do you need:

To take your gardening course online, you only need a device with internet access and Wi-Fi or mobile data. Therefore, there are no excuses for you not to try it.

However, if you want to put everything you learn in the course into practice on a daily basis, then you will need some basic gardening tools. For example:

  •  Gardening gloves.
  • To spatula.
  •  Fertilized land.
  • The seeds of the plants you want to grow from scratch.
  •  Pots of different shapes, sizes and colors.
  • Organic waste to prepare your own fertilizers.
  •  Pruning shears.
  • A shower cabin.

With these elements you will be able to get down to work and put into practice all the theoretical knowledge you learn and, in a short time, become an expert gardener.


To get the most out of these gardening courses, the first thing you have to do is familiarize yourself with the platform that offers the courses, so you can appreciate every detail that is shown in the videos.

One of the great advantages of these types of courses is that you can participate in them at your own pace. However, it is convenient that you start putting into practice everything you learn as soon as possible.


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