Do you know what ornamental trees are? To begin with, ornamental means that they beautify and trees are large species, so if you join one word with the other, you will see that they are large elements that are used to decorate or beautify a site.

But it turns out that trees are not only used to beautify, they also have other functions that little by little we will tell you later, the main thing that you must take into account is that they provide us with the necessary oxygen so that we can breathe and live in the environment that surrounds us. Surrounds.

Many are huge that can leave us speechless and too small if we stand by their side, but in reality the importance they have on life on the planet is no secret to anyone, which is why we must preserve them as well as take care to prevent them from they are finished

What do you need:

  • They provide shade wherever they are in addition to beautifying the gardens.
  • It improves the air, the environment as well as purifying the water.
  • They can change the tone of their colors and in addition to that there are also beautiful flowers.
  • You can choose from a large number of trees to form your own garden.
  • Apart from the shade, it also cools the environment in times of intense heat.
  • Check if in the place where you live what types of trees usually grow and plant the one you think is the most beautiful.
  • In the city, large trees do not usually occur due to the reduction of space, so it is convenient to have a smaller size.
  • Take into account if it is very high, prevent it from being far from the house in case of an accident that could knock it down.
  • You have to always keep them pruned and collect the leaves around them that tend to fall at all times.
  • Avoid planting trees whose roots are extensive since they can split or burst concrete floors.
  • The roots are the parts that are submerged below the surface of the soil, through which the tree feeds.
  • The roots also tend to trap the necessary nutrients as well as keep it firm.
  • The trunk is the stocky part or body of the tree that goes from the top of the earth’s surface to the top.
  • The trunk is the power engine of the tree.
  • The branches are small stems.
  • The branches provide support for the leaves as well as store the life of the tree, that is, its nutrition and hydration.
  • The leaves are green and protrude from the branches.
  • The leaves are the ones that have the function of changing CO2 into oxygen for life.
  • Trees usually reproduce through flowers which are the reproductive organ.
  • The fruits of the trees are the ones that keep the seed and are usually very delicious and edible.
  • They protect the environment from any event or catastrophe.
  • They help cool the temperature of the earth’s crust and thus prolong life.

About ornamental trees

A tree is one of the many lungs of the atmosphere. Did you know that? They have the possibility of converting CO2 into oxygen so that we can breathe easily and live in the world without any concern that we will lack air.

They are the largest species that exist and can be obtained throughout the world differentiated into different species , as well as fruit trees , with flowers or simply leaves to provide shade, but what is most striking is that they have been since the beginning of the life.

Without them, there would be no life and there are some that are even over a thousand years old, being the oldest and considered a relic such as the Drago Milenario in Tenerife. Its importance is considered from the point of view of workers who work in order to constantly change the oxygen.

Learn about ornamental trees

  1. Japanese apple tree. It is a relatively small tree so it is one of the most ideal for a small garden. Its leaves are usually changed according to the time of year and they maintain beautiful white flowers, although they are usually found in the winter months.  They are characteristic of those countries whose climate is quite cold, which makes it called a winter tree, although it is not a fixed rule, it is also highly sought after because of its beautiful and small size to provide shade, freshness and joy to the decoration of a garden.
  2. The holly. It usually shines when the holiday season approaches, coming from regions of Africa as well as some countries of the Asian continent, they also have a characteristic pyramid shape that makes it attractive to place it in an ornamental garden. Its leaves are maintained throughout the year, which gives it that special touch, they are bright green and end in an arrow-like tip. It is usually highly sought after for its fruits, which are decorative red berries, which are usually very attractive to the eye.
  3. Japanese plum. It is one of the most beautiful ornamental trees due to the beauty of its flowers, which are a beautiful white or pink color, as well as how tall they can be. Its leaves change with the seasons and the flowers are born before the leaves come out again. They can reach five meters in height, so it is said that they are chosen for that detail, in addition to that beautiful mix of bright colors of their flowers; They are often chosen a lot for exotic gardens, so if you decide to place a tree, this is one of the best.
  4. Jacaranda. The jacaranda is a beautiful ornamental tree that offers you a lot of shade as well as freshness for your garden. It has a bright purple color that will delight him and be striking at the same time. The only negative is that when they wither they will fall leaving a blanket of flowers on the floor. The advantage you have with this ornamental tree is that its color will attract the eyes of all those who wish to admire your garden, so it can become very showy, and if you want to leave the mantle of leaves like a carpet, they will never lose that color that characterizes it Do you want one of these?
  5. The elm. The elm is the most used ornamental tree to provide shade and freshness to homes, so if you decide on one of this species you will have a lot of this in your home and garden, apart from being able to enjoy its beautiful color and imposing height. Its leaves are deciduous.
  6. The horse chestnut. Do you want more freshness in your house instead of shade? This ornamental tree has the particularity of offering you that and much more with its impressive bright green color that will attract the attention of everyone who visits you. It also has a round green fruit whose interior is red, which is usually an important element of natural medicine, favoring the circulatory system, so it can be taken into account for a drink or even placed directly on the skin.
  7. The maple. The maple is an ornamental tree that has many different species, which you can take into account when wanting shade in your garden. It is robust and changes leaves depending on the time of year, always maintaining a different color depending on the type you choose. Its leaves are very wide, so it is easy to stand out from the others, they usually have flowers at the beginning of spring as well as having the particularity of attracting many annoying insects that will bother your garden. So you choose it, you should be aware of this.
  8. Orange tree It is a species that can guarantee you a delicious fruit that you can take in both juices and juices, very beneficial due to its high content of vitamin C, guaranteeing a body with defenses against flu and colds. Its leaves are always green and when you touch them it usually has the characteristic smell of the fruit, its flowers are also small, but they have the characteristic aroma of this tree, making it an ideal complement for your garden, since it gives you shade and freshness. besides fruits.


  • You can choose from this variety or another that you want to keep to give joy, color and a natural environment to your garden.
  • You must choose the one that best suits your space, so look for the advantages and disadvantages before planting one in your garden.
  • The first thing you should take into account is whether the tree has flowers or leaves throughout the year, so it also depends on the climate where you are.
  • Trees will always take care of your family, for their contribution to the creation of pure oxygen that cleans the air you breathe, a good option for your family.
  • Look for the one that best resembles your personality and character, so start now to try to find the best one for your garden.


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