Few know that dandelion is a medicinal plant that helps the body in multiple ailments that occur in the form of pain in various parts of the body and with the particularity of improving them without contraindications for our body.

And it is that the boom of plants as alternative medicine has come out so that we can obtain its benefits in favor of an enviable health without the need to take so many medications that can cause side effects to the body.

For this reason, plants can be used in a special way by taking them in different ways and with essential recipes that will cleanse our body, making us healthier and with enough energy to carry out daily activities.

It has the peculiarity of having a kind of tuft on its fruit that looks like a feather duster that is usually blown by people to make a wish, but the wind is responsible for doing it in nature and this is how this plant expands, achieving a free yellow carpet. .

What do you need for and when to plant?

  • Dandelion seeds.
  • Learn to plant it and take care of it.
  • Know all the properties and benefits of dandelion as a medicinal plant.

Instructions for and when to plant

Dandelion concept

The dandelion is a plant that is found wild throughout Spain and which offers beautiful yellow flowers with which you can easily identify it anywhere you are without any difficulty.  Have you seen it yet?

You may not remember much, but when you go on the road and see the plant you will realize that it is much more common than any other, it has a short stem and also a very thick root that usually secretes a milky liquid when the plant is cut.

It is usually identified by its flower, which is normally yellow and is usually seen from a great distance, being the summer and autumn months where it is most often seen, although they really start to come out in an exorbitant way during the month of May.

Dandelion benefits

As medicinal plants, dandelion offers a variety of health benefits, among which we can mention:

  1. It cleanses the body through the expulsion of accumulated liquids with harmful toxins for the body, that is, it works as a depurative.
  2. It is usually used for skin problems, especially those adolescents who usually have a lot of acne.
  3. It is taken as an infusion offering the properties of coffee but without the side effects that can affect your skin.
  4. Being an agent that eliminates retained liquids, it facilitates the function of the liver and kidneys.
  5. Improves the digestive system.
  6. It is also usually a good prospect against anemia and is also beneficial for hair and nails.
  7. Before taking any treatment with plants, it is advisable to go to the doctor who is going to treat any condition you have and will also be able to diagnose if treatment with any plant or element of nature that offers many benefits is really feasible.

Ways to plant dandelions

Because you can get it in the meadows and naturally scattered throughout the field, you have the possibility of an easily accessible crop in addition to providing you with the seed so that you can plant it at home normally.

It is easy to grow it if the temperature and the soil are ideal for it to take hold, but you must keep in mind elements such as care, fertilizer and, in addition, how you should water it to keep it always green and in good condition.

It is important that you know that since it is an herb that is the basis for the possibility that you can have it and cultivate it in your garden and make it a plant that grows quickly thanks to its power of growth, expansion as long as you take good care of it.

How to plant dandelions?

To plant the dandelion you must keep in mind the climate, the type of soil, the fertilizer and the irrigation that you must have so that you can have a plant to collect and thus begin to use it for the benefit of your health and that of your family.

The climate and the type of soil must be humid and temperate where you can always obtain the benefits of irrigation thanks to the dew and the rains that fall in different months of the year, remembering that it is strong to withstand intense cold.

The fertilizer and irrigation must be in accordance with the medicinal needs of the plant, using natural products without any chemicals that are harmful to health, which are normally the ones that end up making your family members more ill.

Where to plant dandelions?

  1. You must do it in a row and leaving a distance between one plant and another so that they can grow normally and without feeling pressure between one and the other, also keep in mind that it is not a pot plant but rather a soil plant so it has to be in a large piece of land.
  2. Generally they do not need extreme care, as long as they have a well-fertilized, fresh soil with enough irrigation to maintain it, it is possible to have a healthy plant quickly because they grow voluptuous with proper care.
  3. The secret is watering so that the plant can grow and later, it is important to always keep watering every two days so that the soil can always be moist and the plant can flourish and of course where it can receive some rays of the sun.

The dandelion: medicinal or ornamental plant

The dandelion grows wild in nature, since in humid climates and also receiving the strength of the sun, you can obtain many of them in an open field and with the possibility of reproducing quite a lot and widely for the benefit of the view.

And it is that apart from the healing powers that it offers you, it also has the peculiarity of giving beauty to your garden due to the shape of the yellow flower that has many petals, which also contains a part with white hairs that if you blow on them they shoot out in the air.

For this reason, the dandelion has the double function of being ornamental because it offers beauty to your home and medicinal because you also have the possibility of curing different diseases with it. So, do you dare to grow this plant in your garden? Too easy.

Dandelion properties

  • It helps patients who are diabetic.
  • It helps people who have problems with the excretory system, more specifically with the kidneys.
  • It helps to gently lax ate those who have constipation problems.
  • It serves as a natural purgative as well.
  • As for the skin, it helps people with acne due to its anti-inflammatory power in addition to eruptions that can be generated by dust or other agents.
  • Cures arthritis and rheumatism pain as well as gout.

Although the plant is edible in its entirety, the essence of the dandelion’s healing powers is found in the root, which is why it is used in the preparation of various treatments that help purify, cleanse, oxygenate and other properties that it presents.

Origin of the dandelion

When reading a little more about the dandelion, the following question arises: Where does the dandelion come from? It is a very common plant in Spain although they also occur in American countries with cold climates such as Argentina and Peru.

It is given for being a plant of humid and cold climate throwing heavy snowfalls to which it always survives due to its great power of strength, but despite this it is still a perennial plant , so it can wither if specialized care is not given. Which requires?

In addition, among its many benefits, you also have the possibility of losing weight thanks to the fact that it has a diuretic effect with which you remove impurities from the body through urine, cleaning your entire body and keeping you healthy.

How to eat dandelions?

You have the possibility of using its root as an infusion or tea similar to coffee but without the harmful effects of caffeine on the body. In addition, you can replace a snack by having a cup of this drink, which can be in the morning or mid-afternoon.

On the other hand, cold drinks such as juices, juices or meringues with milk are being a good option so that you can have another way of drinking dandelion, using fruits to accompany it such as pear, strawberries, orange or pineapple.

In the market you can get dandelion soft capsules to take, but taking the foresight to go to the doctor and ask him how you can take them or if your body can tolerate it through a series of previous tests.

In addition, you can also prepare soups or salads that you can eat as a substitute for a meal, such as dinner and help you more for the benefit of your health, and however you want to eat it, you will obtain the nutrients and other opportunities of dandelions.

Tips for and When to Plant

Learn how to plant dandelion and always have it close by because you can find endless uses and take advantage of its many benefits.

The leaves have an acidic, bitter and strong flavor that is the essential part that we must eat to improve and cleanse the liver, so you should consider using them in salads or in a potato and egg omelet that is nutritious and delicious at the same time and you’ll take away that flavor a bit.

The roots are usually collected and preserved and then roasted and used as a substitute for coffee, which you can sweeten with honey instead of sugar and you will obtain a healthier drink that will help with digestion as well as fluid retention.

The flowers are an element that you can use for salads or as a dressing for your meals; you can also chop them and add them to a soup, make a spread of bread and thus obtain the great benefits of this part of the plant.

You yourself can create your own recipes with dandelion and achieve delicious and creative meals by adding any other ingredient to get the best of this plant that is becoming part of the food of many people to improve their health.

An infusion with dandelion

To drink dandelion tea, you must use the greenest leaves without stains in addition to the root, removing the yellow flower so that it does not make you bitter or give a strange taste to the infusion that you are going to prepare, for that reason those two ingredients are essential.

Boil water in a kettle and place the root and leaves in a cup to which you will add the boiling water, covering it for five minutes, then strain it and add a tablespoon or two of honey to sweeten it naturally. If you prefer you can do it in the pot and save the rest.


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