The garden deco is one of the complementary knowledge when building any home or specific site. This specific place is intended for relaxation or recreation, being an area established to be closer to nature. Currently there are many varied patterns that serve to constitute the correct decorations and elements that accompany this specific place.

Decorate a garden does not have to be an exclusive task for professional designers. In fact, there are millions of tips that can be given in this regard and that are adapted to the different tastes of today. The important thing is to let your imagination run wild so that creativity arises and it turns out like the one you once dreamed of, no matter how big that small thing may be.

You should not feel insecure when establishing patterns that work to define what you expect from this place. There are ways to preserve good taste as garden decoration progresses. The important thing is that you inform yourself about everything you need to know about it.

What do you need:

  • To garden
  • Plants and flowers
  • Ornaments or decorations
  • Furniture (optional)
  • Roads
  • Lightning


  1. Specify your tastes. You can look at images, magazines or videos to feel inspired, but the most important thing is that you achieve what you want for this place. The garden is a place that you will continue to admire as time goes by since, depending on how you decorate it, you will always see something different in it. The first step is that you recognize and define what you want, in this way you can take advantage of each of the ideas that occur to you correctly. Define what you like and feel inspired to start decorating your Garden.
  2. Space is important. As a second step, you have to observe the space you have, in this way you will know what is best for you. There are gardens with an unusual extension or others whose space is limited to a few meters. Regardless of how it is, you cannot complex yourself about it. There will always be ways to take advantage of each of the centimeters or meters that are part of this space. Especially because, if you have previously defined your tastes, you can experiment as you progress in the decoration.
  3. Set to layout. After you have completed the previous two steps, it is time to establish the design. You may change some things as you progress, but the important thing is to know how the whole idea will work throughout the decoration. There are countless designs that follow specific patterns but do not fall into the monotonous, repetitive or boring. You can also combine different styles to establish your own, without falling into a lack of taste. There are some that have more modern concepts, based on the minimalist or the simplicity. On the other hand, there are gardens based on the rustic style, it focuses completely on the natural and can remind you of a stay in the countryside. It doesn’t matter which one you choose or if you combine different ideas, the important thing is that it looks good and represents you to yourself and your visitors.
  4. Define your budget. The design goes hand in hand with the budget or, rather, the money you have to carry out the decoration. For this reason, it is better that you base yourself on what you can manage economically, in this way there will be no disappointments in case you have to change something due to lack of capital. Set a budget based on your tastes and decorations. Although you must also keep in mind the necessary requirements for the maintenance of this space, either short or long term. You can potentially acquire some things for your initial sketch but that over time you will allow yourself to change, if it is your preference.
  5. Buy the necessary decorations. You may want to buy many things, since there are decorative elements that really attract a lot of attention, but you should not overpopulate the garden with unnecessary details either. To avoid this type of situation, a design is first established. It is essential that each of the objects that you place adapt to the design that you initially planned, in this way the garden will come to life little by little. They can be small statues, some tables or specific types of pots, each ornament will give a particular touch if combined properly.
  6. Natural or artificial plants. The idea of ​​​​an outdoor garden is that it has mostly natural plants that combine with the space. But there are some people who are not good at caring for this type of living being or do not have enough time to do so. Keep this in mind and don’t be embarrassed if your decision goes more for completely artificial decoration. The idea is that your Garden is kept as beautiful as possible and there are artificial plants that seem practically real, you just have to know how to choose them to fulfill this task. If, on the other hand, you want to get closer to the natural, there are certain factors that you should keep in mind, including its type and care.
  7. If they are natural, what kind? Natural garden plants imply a great responsibility, for this reason you have to know how to choose them properly. Depending on the part of the world where you are, along with the weather and seasons, the most suitable garden decoration will be defined. Keep in mind that you can’t just get bored of them and let them take care of them, as this way they will die in a short time, completely ruining the decoration. For this reason, it is essential that you take into account your lifestyle, in this case, if you do not have enough time, xerophilous decoration will be ideal for you. If you are lovers of bright colors, then plants with flowers such as janitors, calendula or carnations, will give this particular touch. You must also guide yourself through space, since for small places there are plants that will adapt much more easily. For a large garden, trees that provide shade and decorate a large part of the spaces are ideal. Regardless of the plants you choose, you must remember the responsibility that they bring with them.
  8. An essential part of what you need to know is that not all plants have the same care.  When purchasing any specimen, you should ask what care it requires to survive as long as possible. Especially since there are some that need certain attention, from the first moment they are planted. You also have to keep in mind that for its care you will have to acquire certain specific garden tools, especially if it is large. With them you can do each of the jobs that this requires and in this way give better care to each of your plants.
  9. The location of the objects and plants will depend on the concept that you have initially considered. To define this aspect you must have very speculated how much space some plant species need, and also define the decorations around them. There are also plants that require a lot or less lighting or that can die in the coldest or hottest seasons. Think about each of the details before establishing the preferred location of each of the components that will be throughout your garden.
  10. A place to share. The garden is a place to relax and enjoy the natural environment, especially if you live in a very hectic city where you can rarely meet nature. This space is for recreation in all aspects and can serve as an escape from certain situations. For this reason, comfort is essential when decorating it. Likewise, the garden is considered one of the favorite areas to share with loved ones. Whether they are friends, relatives or colleagues from the environment, this site can be a great center of attraction, due to this the commitment that exists around its decoration is important. With this we want to tell you that furniture or places to sit are one of the main concerns that you should have in your mind. There are elements made especially so as not to be ruined by being abroad, these are the ones that you should keep in mind the most. Equivalently you can include tables, floors or chairs (in the case of a small garden) so that both you and your guests can take advantage of the beauty of what you have been doing. In addition to the fact that there are countless decorations on the market that can perfectly adapt to your initial ideas, so do not be afraid to try different elements, in search of the one that best suits your exterior point.
  11. Roads. No matter how small or large your garden is, it is essential that it has paths to move around. This is a way to avoid accidents around your plants or objects since, it is assumed, and that on these roads there will be no obstacle with which there could be an accident. Likewise, if you plan to place grass around the garden, it is a way to avoid being stepped on constantly, an action that can very easily ruin it. Likewise, you have to think about the decoration of the paths since they correspond to combine with the rest of the space. There are made of earth, cement or, more ostentatiously, with mosaics.  The main thing is that they perform their function adapting to the needs of your space.
  12. Lighting and shadows. Almost to finish, consider the lighting and shadows that are made inside the garden. Some may have these details naturally, but if they are very spacious you may need a little help. Remember that there are some species of plants that need specific lighting. The idea is that most of this work is done naturally by the sun. But if it is a space to share at night, you will need the right lights so that it does not look like a garden of terror.
  13. Have fun. Finally, you must keep in mind that this place is for you and for those who are closest to you, so its decoration does not have to mean a source of stress. Have fun when making each of the decorations and above all enjoy what you are doing and transforming over time.


The last thing you need to know, about garden decoration, is that you have to take the time to do it according to your taste. You may accept suggestions, but remember that the idea is that you feel satisfied with what you achieve. For this reason, the greatest recommendation or advice is to enjoy the periods and the work you are doing.

Previously, everything you need to know about deco Jar din was mentioned to you. Take advantage of this new knowledge and carry it out on the spot, letting yourself be carried away by what you think and above all with a creative vision.


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