When you have a garden, a small balcony with plants or an orchard, one of the things that you have to take into account is the possibility of it becoming infested with a pest.  And not only that, they can also appear according to the different seasons of the year (among others). And it is not only a horror that our plants or crops die from the damn pests, they can also appear inside the house or in the garden (without having any plants). Therefore, you have to know what to do and how to act quickly to eliminate any trace of them.

As there is always time to compare, what we are going to tell you are cheap things, so that anyone can use these tricks and put them into practice. They are effective and not expensive and they really work to eliminate/avoid plagues of ants, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, etc.


  1. To eliminate ant infestations(which can make an appearance at any time of the year, be it winter or summer) and for different reasons, the most economical and also effective tricks are usually kept in the kitchen. Yes, in the kitchen. Because these are ingredients that we can have.
  2. We give you some tricks: vinegar as long as it is white wine. To use it, you will have to find where the ants come from, but of course, in garden areas, porches or terraces, it is not that simple. As it will be difficult to find the burning area, the ants’ nest, we will move on to the next step. Directly pour vinegar on the floor, wall, railings, etc. Wherever you see that the damn ants always pass. For one thing, vinegar is non-toxic. Whether you have animals, or if you have a garden (groceries), you will not get intoxicated and only in somewhat closed areas, the smell of vinegar can be annoying. Ants are disgusted by the smell of vinegar, so they will go away and you will be able to eliminate them in an effective and non-polluting way. In the garden and in open areas outdoors, you won’t have any problems because the smell will clear up quickly (for humans, because it will scare the ants off as well).
  3. Continuing with natural products that are not aggressive, toxic or polluting and suitable for cultivation areas, orchards, various foods, areas for animals and/or people, there are other ingredients that are in the pantry. On the one hand we will do in this case, a mixture. With sugar and baking soda. No need to worry, it does not cause any reaction and is quite effective. Of course, perhaps as a recommendation, in summer, if it is an area already prone to having many ants and it is a place with severe heat, it is better not to use it. Because being a mixture with sugar, the sugar can dissolve and become liquid (as if it were candy) and attract more ants. Therefore, instead of eliminating the ants, it will attract them.
  4. In times of heat or high humidity or areas near the Mediterranean, it is usual and increasingly normal for there to be plagues of flies. If you are near areas with stagnant water, the same will happen to you. For this reason, something that at first sight is not very aesthetic, really, but it is very useful and surely, you will have seen in orchards or crop fields(especially if it is areas with fruit trees) is the next trick. Since we don’t want to spend money and it won’t be expensive, make the most of everything you have at home or in the garage. Therefore, recycle water bottles or carafes. The larger, the more quantity you will use but also, the greater the quantity of flies that you will be able to liquidate.
  5. You need: a plastic bottle and/or water jug, divide the middle of the bottle, the lower part (more or less 10 or 15 centimeters) is not touched and above this measure, you start to make holes in the bottle. Be careful not too wide, because if the flies enter they should not come out again. Basically, take a pencil and that diameter if the bottle is punctured, it would be ideal. Calm down, the flies, they enter perfectly. Do not throw the cap off the bottle at all. The hole should only be the one you have made. Obviously, since the bottle will have to be filled, it will have to be done first so that the holes are later and the liquid does not spill.
  6. Inside it will suffice either to fill it to the extent that we have said, with vinegar or also and very effectively, fill it with sweet wine. It is the hand of a saint. In a few hours, you will be able to observe that some flies will surely have already been trapped. Of course, in sight and as decoration, it is not aesthetic at all. But we are not talking about it being pretty, but effective.
  7. If you have a fruit tree, it is worth placing a bottle or a carafe to avoid possible damage to your fruit. Now in some countries, in times of heat (spring and summer) there are many flies and the worst thing is that they have begun to invade the famous and fatal black fly. For fruits it is the worst, because the flies bite it and immediately spoil the fruit and it is no longer useful.
  8. Now we focus directly on the plants. If you don’t know what kind of pest it is, if it’s a mite, a slug, a snail, some kind of spider or any bug, we’ll tell you what to do. In cases where you are seeing that your plants are being attacked by some bugs, you can do the following, which is very useful. You will need to have cloves, a head of garlic (or several cloves) and water. If you use the whole garlic (the head) the smell will be much stronger and although it may not be as pleasant, it will be much more effective. It is worth keeping in mind. But if at the time you are going to prepare it, you only have several cloves of garlic, nothing happens. Use it as well. Crush the garlic, the cloves and a couple of glasses of water. Be careful not to pour too much water because otherwise, you will liquefy the aroma a lot and it will be less effective in eliminating pests. With this, you throw it into a vaporizer bottle and directly, on the plants that are affected. You will see how quickly, after a few days, the plants are free of pests. Bugs hate this smell.
  9. On the other hand, you do not contaminate absolutely anything, it is not toxic at all, and it is all completely natural.
  10. Eliminate the aphid, that damn pest that usually eats plants little by little and that when you realize it, it has made a real mess and the plant is already yellowing, running out of leaves, black areas, brown areas, etc. Do not panic! Here we tell you two remedies that you can use and that is very effective to combat it. You can even do it to prevent too.
  11. One of them: you will need vinegar and apple cider vinegar. This smell greatly repels these insects. Therefore, mix with water and always keep in mind that it is only one part of vinegar (a glass for example or a bottle) for ten parts of water. All this is mixed stirred well and you can apply it directly to the plant and its leaves. Don’t forget to spray well under the leaves as well, which is where the aphid and stem usually hide. If it has any, it will make it disappear and if it is a plague, you will finish it off. When in doubt, don’t worry. It is not harmful and you can prevent its appearance. I’m cool.
  12. The other option will be somewhat more complicated because you need tobacco, if you don’t smoke you will have to buy it and it is toxic. Therefore, you will need to spend money on the one hand and wear gloves on the other. If you smoke, you’ll already have the tobacco, otherwise, you can buy it by rolling it so you don’t have to undo it and save steps and quit too, cheaper.
  13. Before handling tobacco, put on some gloves, because it is very toxic. You take a bottle of water and fill it with water (without reaching the top because you need to add the tobacco too), add the tobacco and let it rest for at least a whole day. What is intended with this is that the water collects all the nicotine (hence it is so toxic). Once the whole day has passed, the water will be very dark with a brownish tint. It is then, when it has to be strained to eliminate the pieces of tobacco and that liquid is the one that should be poured on the plants. It is super effective and serves to eliminate pests such as aphids, worms, whiteflies and moths... It is very useful as you can see. Sometimes if you add too much and at the time there are ants, they will also die. Of course, after making the preparation, you have to dispose of everything that has been handled because it is toxic and wash the area where it has been handled very well. It is toxic to animals, so store it high and well during that day. Do not let the mixture rest for more than that time because it loses its effectiveness and use it all the same day.

What do you need:

  •  Toilet.
  •  Cloves, head or cloves of garlic, baking soda, sugar.
  •  Sweet wine.
  •  White wine vinegar and apple cider vinegar.
  •  Plastic bottles, empty carafes.
  •  Scissors.
  •  Pencil.
  •  Tobacco.
  •  Gloves.


Eliminating pests is not complicated, but being able to do it very cheaply, with recycled products and materials that you have at home and even with food that is used daily in the kitchen pantry, is quite an advantage.

Even more so, if you intend not to use pesticides or totally toxic, abrasive and harmful products both for the environment and for the earth and with care of poisoning animals.  These remedies are natural; there are no risks to plants, orchards, fruits or animals, if any. Therefore, plants are cared for, pests are eliminated and the environment is protected.


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