The avocado is a fruit native to Central America, but in Spain it is already being harvested in large quantities. Its flavor is delicious and many of us have tried it when we eat tacos with guacamole. This Mexican dish has traveled the world with its flavor, bringing many Spaniards captive for this traditional recipe.

Avocados, in addition to being very tasty, have special characteristics as they are rich in vitamins A, D, C. They also contain a large amount of natural fatty acids, which help reduce bad cholesterol and improve blood circulation.

In the same way, they have a great use in the cosmetic market, since if a little avocado is placed in the hair and left for several minutes. This rehabilitates and strengthens the hair and scalp in a surprising and natural way. Also, for people who have very dry skin and complexion, avocado masks are placed for several hours and their skin improves impressively.

It should be noted that the salads made with diced avocado are exquisite and very nutritious, since you will be directly ingesting all its vitamins and fatty acids.

To harvest them at home is very simple, you just have to go to the market and choose the largest and most beautiful avocados you can get; the seed is carefully extracted.  Later we will give you several little secrets, so that you have a tree full of avocados and enjoy all its benefits.

You can chop the avocado shells as small as you can and mix them with sand or vegetable layer to have a good compost or fertilizer. You can also add the vegetable waste,  which is used daily, and the banana shells and finely chopped bananas. Of course, this has to last, from 3 to 5 months mixed with sand so that it becomes organic matter and is rich in vitamins for the growth of the avocado tree.

Reproduction of avocado is not very easy, but it is not impossible either; you just have to be at the time of year that is not too cold and all the environmental conditions that this plant needs. You can have a large and leafy tree in the patio of your house, which will give you its fruits and a lot of shade that helps keep the environment cool.

Also, you can grow it in large pots if you don’t have much space, the tree will grow and bear fruit. But in a slightly narrower place if it were your case, although if you have eaten avocado and you like it a lot, you will surely like to have this tree and give it the best care.

In many parts of the world they also use it when they go for a walk on the beach, they make it into a puree, with a fork. And they spread it all over the body , it is one of the most effective sunscreens and especially for young children who have delicate skin, so if you put chemical sunscreens on them. They can cause serious allergies and skin diseases, in such a way that later you will spend more on medications than what the chemical sunscreen cost you.

For this reason, the best is natural, and the avocado offers us many uses and home remedies that no industrialized medicine offers. Having and harvesting avocados will allow you to save many euros, making many natural products with it, and why not, you can also sell these products and start a small family business.

It should be noted that if you have not been able to have children, avocado helps the production of sperm in men and also naturally cleanses the ovaries of women. So if you haven’t been able to have children yet, start consuming avocados in salads and also as guacamole that can be added to grills and tortillas.

If you are cardiac and have problems with blood pressure and heart, avocado will help you greatly to stabilize your cholesterol and restore the vitality that your circulatory system needs, so go ahead and plant and harvest avocados at home and in any nearby land.

Instructions for and when to plant Avocado

  1. The first step is to get the avocado seed, which you can find in the supermarket, buying the biggest and brightest avocado you can get.
  2. After you have the largest avocado, carefully remove the shell and then the avocado flesh, without mistreating the seed.
  3. When you have the seed in your hand , wash it with water to remove the remains of avocado meat.
  4. After the seed is very clean, you will visualize it and you will observe that it has a thinner part and a wider part, similar to a chicken egg.
  5. The thinnest part is the upper part where the stem of the plant will be born.
  6. The other part is the thickest part where the roots will grow, which is where it will absorb all the nutrients necessary for the growth of the plant stem.
  7. Take an empty plastic soda bottle and you are going to cut it in half; then the part where the lid goes, you are also going to make a cut so that you can make a pedestal  or base for the avocado seed.
  8. The part of the bottle that you cut, which is left as a glass, that is, the part of the base of the bottle, you are going to place the seed with its pedestal and with the thin part of the seed towards the top.
  9. Then, you take water and add it to the container with the seed inside, but that the water level only covers half of the avocado seed , and that there is enough water left for its germination.
  10. Later, place your transparent container of soda with the avocado seed in a warm place, but that the rays of the sun do not hit it directly, it can be near a window.
  11. When the rays of the sun begin to hit the seed, but very gently, then you will begin to see how at 4 weeks the roots of the seed begin to come out and at 6 weeks the stem will begin to grow.
  12. More or less when it is about 9 weeks old, the stem will already have a few leaves and the roots will be more or less than 6 centimeters.
  13. When the plant has these characteristics, you should have a pot with compost or organic fertilizer and moist soil ready to place your plant.
  14. You can’t bury the seed too much, just leave the stem with a little bit of the seed sticking out on top.
  15. And all the roots that extend towards the bottom of the pot, you must be very careful when you are placing the root in the pot not to break or damage the seed. And the sand must be very loose.
  16. The pot has to be more or less than 50 centimeters deep and with a diameter of 30 centimeters, it also has to have some holes at the bottom so that excess water comes out.
  17. Likewise, you can plant it in the ground, but remember to be very careful with the roots and that the plant cannot be buried too much.
  18. The rest is to give it a lot of love and attention so that it grows healthy and beautiful, producing the best avocados in Spain.

What do you need for and when to plant Avocado?

  • An avocado seed.
  • Earth and sand with fertilizer.
  • Clear plastic soda bottle.
  • Scissors.
  • Toilet.
  • Be very careful.
  • Pots for planting plants

Tips for and when to plant Avocado

  1. The sand where the seed is going to be sown must be kept moist all day, not wet, because excess water will rot the roots and the plant will die.
  2. When you have the plant planted in the pot, the first months do not let it get direct sunlight, because it will burn the leaves and the plant dries.


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