The cucumber is a gift of nature and is cultivated in many parts of the world, it has a dark green skin and inside it is whitish and with many seeds in the middle. So it can be reproduced quickly and in large quantities. With one cucumber you can take out thousands of cucumber plants.

Its sowing is very simple and at home you can have a small theft and have a very good quantity of cucumbers for the harvest. You just have to follow our advice and you will see how you can have beautiful plants.

Cucumber is a great diuretic and blood purifier because it removes all the toxins and salts that are extra in the body of people. It greatly aids digestion and is excellent for completely relieving and curing heartburn or reflux, as it helps keep stomach acids at a proper level.

Many people in the world who had stomach problems, specifically heartburn, were totally cured with the following recipe; take a large cucumber and blend it, without the shell, but with the seeds, with a cup of water. You drink that thick juice without straining it, a glass in the morning when you wake up and a glass before you go to sleep.

You are going to do this for 4 weeks in a row and without failing a day. You will see how after a month your heartburn goes away and you will no longer need this treatment because your stomach and colon will return to their normal state.

On the other hand, many people cut the cucumber into small wheels and place it in a glass container with white vinegar, add two white onions and some chopped carrots, with this they make a divine sausage, which can be stored for a long time and the more time passes, its flavor increases.

You can also take that glass container with cucumber and other vegetables and add some shrimp and some finely chopped octopus and you will have a very tasty and aphrodisiac dish.

It should be noted that in the area of ​​cosmetics it is widely used, two cucumber wheels are placed in the eyes and this helps if we have dark circles, because of a late night or because you could not sleep, this deflates your eyes and cheekbones of the face. They are also highly recommended after removing makeup, grating a cucumber and applying a mask that covers the entire face. Leaving it for at least an hour, to revitalize the skin and eliminate wrinkles or expression lines that concern us so much.

One of the things that provide the most benefit from cucumber when we eat it raw, in salads or simply alone, it helps a lot to strengthen the stomach and colon, if you suffer from gastritis or intestinal ulcers, cucumber is the best cure and the best treatment to cure these conditions. It also cures 99.9% of constipation because it provides a large amount of fluid and nutrients to the large intestine.

For this reason, and many more things, we recommend you plant cucumbers at home or on any land that you have close to home. And you can enjoy this legume that brings so many benefits to your health and that of your family.

In nature we have the solution to many diseases and what is natural never brings secondary effects, being totally helpful for people, since many medicines heal you from an illness, but affect you on the other hand. Therefore, we should always think first of natural medicines.

Cucumbers can be obtained in supermarkets at low costs, but these always come with a load of chemicals, be it pesticides or chemical fertilizers, which is why their consumption is not totally healthy, on the other hand, if you harvest cucumbers at home, they will be free of these chemicals and their consumption will be of great benefit to you, and most importantly, you will have them for free, saving you a few euros that you can invest in something else in the future.

If you like cucumbers and their uses and applications, go ahead and get to work, this information is for you, you just have to follow our instructions very carefully and you will have a great harvest of cucumbers.

Instructions for and when to plant Cucumbers

  1. Take a large and very fat cucumber, cut it vertically, to remove the seeds with a sharp knife.
  2. Wash the seeds well with water without any detergent, just with water and with your hands; you have to have very clean hands.
  3. Place them in a plastic container at room temperature for three or four days.
  4. When the seeds are dry and clean, take several plastic bags from the small ones for sowing and fill them with sand with a lot of compost.
  5. In each bag, you are going to place three seeds, but at a depth of two centimeters or one inch.
  6. Make sure the bags have small holes at the bottom so that excess water can escape, due to the force of gravity.
  7. After planting the seeds and adding water to them, place them in a place where it will not get direct sunlight or you can leave it outside your house but with a white or light green cloth as a roof.
  8. If it hits the sun’s rays directly, the plant will burn before it grows.
  9. After you are 5 weeks old you will see that the little plants already have their stem and some leaves.
  10. Prepare the soil before transplanting, since cucumbers need a lot of nutrients to be able to grow and bear good fruit.
  11. For this we recommend that you take many dry leaves of any plant and make a hole of about half a meter in your patio.
  12. Then, mix it with waste, from the feces of cattle or chickens, and mix it with the leaves.
  13. Later, the sand that you took out to make the hole, mix it with all this and try to compact it.
  14. You are going to do these 8 months before making your cucumber seedbed so that you have the land well prepared and ready to transplant your cucumber plants.
  15. Remember, you are going to be watering this land with plenty of water so that it is very humid when you go to plant the plants and free of any substance that could affect it.
  16. Of the plants that you planted in the bags, you are only going to plant the largest and strongest, so that you have the best harvest.
  17. They can also be planted in a pot, but this has to be large and for a single plant since it needs a lot of nutrients.
  18. On the other hand, after the plants are on the ground, you can place some broomsticks vertically and tie others horizontally, this is to place a place for it and  the plant can be entangled.
  19. The sticks that you are going to place vertically can have a height of 50centimeters from the ground; this is because if we leave the plant on the ground it can easily catch pests and diseases.
  20. It is important to keep the soil sand moist as it will be receiving direct sun and will need a lot of moisture.
  21. To finish, a lot of patience, since more or less in 12 months you will have a harvest ready to harvest.

What do you need for and when to plant Cucumbers?

  • Cucumber seeds.
  • Small planting bags.
  • Toilet.
  • Dry plant leaves.
  • Sees of cows or chickens.
  • Broomsticks.
  • Pass.

Tips for and when to plant Cucumbers

  1. The sand of the seedbed and of the plants, already large, must always is moist, not soaked in water, because the soil is washed away and the nutrients are lost.
  2. We recommend that you put drip irrigation on your crops; it is very simple, with a long hose and about three holes in each plant which will only drop a few drops every so often.
  3. With a water tank which you recharge every so often.


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