Ginger is a plant, which has a root with a beige texture and with a slightly greenish inside and a yellow pulp, with a taste like lemon but a bit spicy.

It is a plant that comes from the American continent, but today it is produced in Spain and almost all over the world. It is a warm climate plant, so in areas with temperatures below zero degrees it is impossible to harvest.

It has a large amount of vitamins and minerals that help us make healthy recipes and that bring great benefits to our body. It is also used to give a special flavor to stews  and a very characteristic spice those only ginger offers and for weight loss shakes.

Traditionally, ginger is also used as a tea, to relax from stress and help with your circulatory system. If you have problems with blood pressure and you have ginger at home, you just have to make infusions in the morning and another at night before going to bed and you will see that blood pressure drops quickly and naturally.

If you have a sore throat because you have the flu, or you feel that you are not breathing well, ginger will be of great help to improve the discomfort.

On the other hand, ginger is an excellent digestive, since it helps the digestive process to be carried out more quickly and smoothly. It is important to note that ginger candies  are excellent for fighting bad breath and also greatly relieve a sore throat, if you have an inflamed one.

That is why having ginger, planted at home, is of great benefit and many would like to be harvesting this plant at home, or in a garden, for that we will give you several recommendations later and so that you can enjoy this small plant, but with great means.

If you went to a party on the weekend and ate everything, including alcoholic beverages, it is most likely that the next day you will have stomach congestion and a very great discomfort. Do not buy anything at the pharmacy, take a few grams of ginger and boil it for 5 minutes, then add a little star anise and a teaspoon of sugar, this will relieve all that discomfort and in a few minutes you will be ready to go to the next party.

On the other hand, if you take a few pieces of ginger and chop them as small as you can, then fry them with two finely julienned white onions, then add 5 grated ripe tomatoes to that sauce, you will be making a pasta sauce divine and this sauce can also be used to make some delicious pizzas, just add it with a little grated mozzarella cheese and eat delicious.

Having fresh ginger at home is the best, and grown without the fertilizers and chemicals that are put into it on farms when they are harvested on a large scale. That is why if you want to maintain good health, you should always lean towards the natural and organic.

Instructions for and when to plant Ginger

  1. The first thing is to buy a little ginger in the market, of course you should choose the one that is thickest and you can see the green shoots.
  2. Then wash it well with water to remove dust, or any other chemical product added.
  3. If you notice that some parts are a bit dead or dry, carefully cut them with a knife or scissors.
  4. Take a plastic or clay pot, but you must be aware that they have holes, in the lower part so that the water can flow and it does not remain stagnant.
  5. Take some dirt and sand and mix it with vegetable scraps chopped as small as possible and banana shells. You can also add ground egg shells.
  6. If you can get cow or horse manure, you can mix that in too. With this you will be making a powerful fertilizer or compost that will make the plant reproduce a lot.
  7. This mixture of waste and shells, you are going to keep it for 6 months in the sun and water it with water every day, with little water. So that at the time of sowing it is ready, because otherwise it will not serve as fertilizer.
  8. This mixture should be in a large pot, the larger the pot, the more ginger will grow.
  9. Then you have to place the pot in a position that only receives the sun, soft in the morning, since the afternoon sun is very strong and will burn the plant.
  10. Or it can also be a roofed place, but that only gives it the glare of the morning sun.
  11. After the plant has several stems and leaves, if you want you can transplant it to a place in the ground, but we remind you that it must be well fertilized, so that you have  good ginger roots.
  12. Of course, trying to get only the morning sun, or placing a white cloth on top of the plant, as if it were a tent, or to divert a little heat from the sun’s rays.
  13. The time in which ginger can be planted is very important, never plant it in winter because the cold does not allow the plant to grow and if the plant does not grow, the races will not either.
  14. The most recommended thing is that you sow in summer or autumn since they are the most suitable temperatures for the development of ginger.
  15. Otherwise you will have to make a covered space, with lamps that generate heat and artificial light so that they can develop. Which is not easy but it is not impossible, since this method is used by many farms that work at high production.
  16. The plant will take more or less 6 months for its stem and roots to grow and develop, but it may take a little longer, it also depends on the quality of the fertilizer you put on it.
  17. It should be watered one day yes and one day no, to keep its soil moist only, if you put too much water it will rot.
  18. You can also place a drip irrigation system, which you can do with a plastic soda bottle, placed in a part above the plant and with a small hole in its lid and gravity will do the rest.
  19. When the bottle is empty, you fill it up again and thus you will calculate how many days the drip of water lasts, so that you are recharging.
  20. You will see that with these instructions and tips you will have a great harvest of ginger at home and without much effort.

What do you need for and when to plant Ginger?

  • Ginger root.
  • Plastic or clay pots.
  • Manure or compost.
  • Plastic soda bottles.
  • Toilet.
  • Day light.
  • Lots of enthusiasm and dedication.
  • Follow our advice step by step.

Tips for and when to plant Ginger

  1. The first thing is that you have to have a good fertilizer and in the final part of the pot, you can add some river pebbles, to help mineralize the soil in the pot.
  2. We recommend that you add a little natural charcoal to the fertilizer that you are going to prepare, which you can do by burning a little firewood and taking even the ash.
  3. If you overdo it with the water, at the time of irrigation and the sand is kept too wet, the plant will rot and you will lose the harvest.
  4. In case the plant is a little pale, you should allow it to get a little more sun to strengthen it, but then you should place it in the shade again.
  5. When you take out the harvest, always leave some roots planted so that it continues to reproduce and always have ginger at home.
  6. Dare to plant ginger and collaborate with nature and your physical and spiritual health.


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