Although it has a somewhat strange name, everyone has passed over it at some point. It is a common plant of a greenish color, dense and that grows above all in warmer climates, which usually grows among the grass, and in those soils that receive more humidity and irrigation. In a plant that is used as a component by gardening professionals to form part of lawns or flower beds in any park or private garden.

It is a plant that is capable of spreading in any direction, through the shoots that grow from it, which is why it is sometimes called a pest. It also usually occurs in those fields that are large and open, on which cattle walk, where there are crops, being a plant that dominates the space, in which it grows. It is used to cover the lawn, since its low cost allows it to be used frequently, in addition to its easy maintenance. It stands out above all for its properties, being curative, anti-inflammatory, demineralizing and diuretic.

How to properly prepare the ground before sowing?

With a plow machine that you have at home or, if not, that you buy in a garden store, you must plow all the land in which you want to plant it, you must eliminate any weeds and bits of grass that you can find, in this way way while the plant develops it does not have to fight for its space with any other around it. In case you can’t get that special earthmoving machine, you can buy a hand tool.

You must pay attention, in case there is Folium on the ground, since it prevents the correct growth of the grass. All useless grass and weeds that have been uprooted should be raked out.

The terrier has to possess two properties, which are to be fresh and to be very clean. In addition, the land must have a Ph. that is not less than 5 or greater than 7, for this it is necessary to examine the land well, if you do not know how to do it, you can take a portion to a specialized center that knows how to evaluate it. If the soil is very acidic, it must be alkalized, just as if it happens, on the contrary, if the alkalinity level is very high, it must become somewhat more acidic and this can be achieved by adding sulfur.

This grass grows on land that is properly drained and whose formation is largely based on organic matter. Clay-type soils, that is, with a good supply of humus, specifically a layer of about 15 centimeters, is adequate for planting grass.

When to sow the grass?

There are two ideal times, one is in autumn, but with caution regarding weeds and the weather, since temperatures of a few degrees are not suitable for this plant. And on the other hand, spring, if they are planted in this season, you should not control the weeds so much, but you should leave them until the grass seeds manage to germinate, and you have cut them a minimum of three times.

How to sow the grass?

You must ensure that all the land has the same level of height, with the rake after plowing you can achieve it, especially trying to make those holes, or small mounds that may exist, disappear. In the event that there are holes, you must fill them with soil.  Remove large rocks, or any type of organic debris that you can find, from the ground.

With the help of a seeder or by hand, you must place the seeds evenly throughout the land. Then cover the seeds with the help of a rake, so that they can grow correctly, without putting too much soil on them, the appropriate thicknesses are between 0.30 centimeters and 0.60 centimeters in height, that is, they have a light cover.

When you finish planting them, they should be watered automatically, so that all the soil is moist, you can do it once or twice a day, to check that it is well moist you can insert a finger into it. Although it is a plant that resists dry times well, it needs a good supply of water at the beginning to germinate, specifically the first three weeks. As the plant matures, and measures about 5 centimeters, watering will be done less frequently.

You must add fertilizer that you must buy at a plant or garden material store, and spread it well throughout the planted land. It usually takes between 20 or 3 days to germinate.

The grass takes time to grow to an adequate size, approximately one year, although its maintenance is somewhat cheaper, it requires more work and continuous vigilance.

How to plant grass planks?

The plates are already grass that has carried out its germination and grown to later join the earth. Before placing it you have to measure the land you want to cover with the plates.  Before placing it you have to water it well, at least one day before, in this way you prepare the ground so that the grass that is placed has a healthy development. You must not flood the soil, and you must ensure that the soil that is added during irrigation is well absorbed.  In the event that the irrigation does not take well, it may be because the soil is very clayey, so the soil must be plowed and compost added.

Place the planks, always starting from the right side, on the longest side of the garden, with the part that has soil facing down, and press them lightly until they are completely flat on the ground. Yes, with each of the plates until the entire space is covered. In the areas where there are corners or small objects that prevent putting the entire champa square, cut it with the help of a shovel, to make it fit well.

Always place the plates in a straight line, they must all be fully glued and well fitted, since, if you leave a gap, it will give the appearance of a hole and will not be aesthetically pleasing.

You have to give them a watering a day, especially after placing them, watering if it can be, it is preferable that it be in the morning. An important fact to keep in mind is that it should not be stepped on during the first seven days since it is placed, thus ensuring that it grows in a healthy way. If the watering is done in the afternoon or at night, it will be more frequent that it can contract some type of infection or disease, caused by insects or fungi.

After two weeks, the plank-shaped grass would be ready to become pedestrian.

The pruning of the grass.

This is done on those days when it has not been watered, since it cannot be pruned with moist grass. To achieve an aesthetic appearance, you have to cut frequently, especially the edges, to ensure that everything measures the same height, to use it, use the sharp shovel or pruning shears.


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