Everywhere in the world hamburgers are prepared and one of the essential ingredients is lettuce. With its smooth flavors and all the nutrients that give us life and health. Their characteristics are unique, but they have many varieties depending on their texture.

To prepare salads they are divine and give a special touch to all the recipes that are made with it. It is rich in folic acid and vitamins A, B, C, D, which are very helpful in strengthening the immune system and provide you with a lot of energy.

It is native to the American continent, but it is produced in many parts of the world since it is a plant of cold land and low temperatures, so planting it in winter is an ideal time for its germination and production.

Lettuce also provides an amount of water to the body, so it helps keep us hydrated and regulates bowel movements to prevent constipation. Another important feature of lettuce is that it can be used to increase hemoglobin in patients who have leukemia or problems with hemoglobin.

For pregnant women it is vitally important to consume many lettuce salads. If possible every day, since folic acid contributes to the formation of the baby’s bones and all its internal organs.

On the other hand, one of the tastiest salads is the one that is prepared with chopped lettuce, placing a grated carrot, about 3 chopped tomatoes in wheels, a white onion, also in thin wheels, some pieces of chicken breast, and a little mayonnaise, with a splash of lemon or vinegar and salt to taste.

It should be noted that many laboratories that today produce medicines and vitamins.  They are already using lettuce to extract folic acid, vitamins and minerals that are produced on a large scale and are sold in pill format for people with health problems and malnutrition.

It is ideal for diets, since it does not have any carbohydrates and instead of eating a large plate of pasta to fill you with cholesterol and triglycerides, we recommend that you eat a large plate of lettuce salad with tomato and carrot. This will take away your hunger and give you a significant amount of energy. If you take this advice and eat a pure salad every day at 15, days you will see the results, you will have about 20 kilos less.

Lettuce helps to cure blood pressure problems, since it considerably improves blood circulation, and cleanses the arteries of excess fat , let us remember that we were designed to consume fruits and vegetables , it is more our flat teeth in the part of below confirm it. That is why the consumption of lettuce will improve your health a lot.

And the best thing is to harvest lettuce, in the yard or shoplifted in your home, free of pesticides and chemical products that in the end we consume without realizing it when we buy lettuce in the market. This happens because when lettuce is produced in large quantities and the correct care is not taken, pests can fall on it and the harvest can be lost.

That is why in this article we will give you several tricks that will help you grow and harvest lettuce at home and you can enjoy all the benefits that this important legume offers us and that we have all consumed at some point.

The great fast food entrepreneurs like MacDonald. They use lettuce in large quantities to prepare their hamburgers, but on the other hand, thinking of those people who have health problems or simply want to take care of their image and do not want to have extra poundsLettuce salads with different preparations and different dressings that are very healthy and super tasty have already been incorporated into their menus.

Of course, it is important to know that the lettuces have to be very well prepared and selected, because they contain so much moisture in their crops. Many parasites and amoebae lodge in its leaves and stems. So it is recommended to leave it with a little vinegar and water, submerged for 15 minutes and this will kill all the parasites that may be lodged in its leaves. If not, it is most likely that you will be filled with amoebas and at the same time have serious stomach problems.

Instructions for and when to plant Lettuce

  1. The lettuces are sown by means of small seeds that you can easily get in any store in Spain.
  2. The best time to sow and germinate the seeds is in winter since it germinates in cold soil from 0 to 15 degrees Celsius. Of course, and at temperatures below zero degrees, they are not recommended because the leaves wither.
  3. The first thing is to have the land free of weeds and with a good fertilizer or compost that can be prepared by you at home.
  4. Take the coffee grounds, fruit and vegetable waste, egg shells, dry leaves of any tree  and dig a hole in the middle of your land or space that you selected for cultivation.
  5. You add all this waste and mix it with the sand that you took out of the hole, and then cover the hole with all this well stirred.
  6. Water it with water every day for at least 9 months, before you start sowing the lettuce seeds.
  7. After everything is well fermented and the waste is dark in color, he takes a pickaxe and digs some furrows the size he wants, but with a depth of 20 centimeters and a separation of 50 centimeters from one another.
  8. In the upper part that remains between each furrow you are going to sow 5 seeds per hole, these holes will have a depth of 2 centimeters and a separation of 40 centimeters from one another.
  9. In three months you will start to see the buds of the lettuce leaves.
  10. It should be noted that in winter the temperatures at night drop a lot, so incandescent light lamps should be placed at a close distance from each lettuce plant, so that at night  you will be very illuminated, space of sowing.
  11. We recommend that you place a thermometer on the ground where your planted plants are so that you can have an approach or a distance from the lamps and you can determine an approximate temperature of 2 to 15 degrees, already in the day if you can turn off the lamps because the sun maintains a suitable temperature.
  12. Lettuce is a somewhat delicate plant, if it gets too much sun the leaves burn and if it gets too cold they wither and also burn their leaves.
  13. Then we recommend that you install a drip irrigation system, which helps keep the soil moist and allows you to save water.

What do you need for and when to plant Lettuce?

  • Lettuce seeds.
  • Fruit and vegetable waste.
  • Land.
  • Toilet.
  • Incandescent lamps.
  • hoses.
  • Pick and shovel.

Tips for and when to plant Lettuce

  1. The first thing is that we recommend the drip irrigation system, because if you water too much, pests can fall on the plants that will eat the leaves of the lettuce and you will lose the harvest.
  2. If you are in the middle of winter, you have to be very careful to keep the temperature of the soiland the site at 2 to 15 degrees Celsius because very low temperatures kill your harvest and do not allow the seeds to germinate optimally.
  3. If you notice that your lettuce is getting full of snails or slugs, you can take some powdered sulfur and put some on its base or stem.
  4. Go ahead and become an urban farmer and enjoy eating healthy and living better, thanks to the lifelong benefits of lettuce.


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