The pea plant is one of those called climbers, since they need a support to be able to grow and bring to fruition the pods that contain inside the precious treasure of the final product, which is used for different gastronomic purposes. Are you interested in the topic?

It is cultivated in almost all of Europe for its delicious flavor, in addition to accompanying different dishes, in addition the pea is practically the seed of the plant being cultivated for this factor that is essential for any chef who likes to use them in the preparation of some meals.

In America, both the consumption and cultivation of peas are also being taken into consideration, appreciated in many countries for their flavor as well as how tender they are when cooked, being able to place them as an ingredient in a main dish for the more conventional palate. or demanding.

What do you need for and when to sow Peas?

  • First to grow the peas that the climate is according to it.
  • The humidity must be constant so that it occurs in the best way.
  • Always water them but do not drown the plants, as this can harm the planting.
  • Flower plants should be watered often when the weather is too hot as they tend to dry out.
  • It is important to understand that the pea is a plant that has many nutrients and that when harvested, the land can be used for other items.
  • You should also keep in mind that the soil must always be moist so that it can be given to the plant, so before sowing you must water the land enough.

Instructions for and when to plant Peas

  1. The pea has a planting season in the months of October to December, which are the autumn-winter months, cold and quite rainy and after waiting three months you can have the first harvest of this product to be taken from the plant. Do you see how easy it is?
  2. When sowing you have to put the plant directly in the ground, burying it not far from the surface so that it can be born and grow quickly and thus have a normal and beautiful harvest. You must also take into account placing no more than four seeds in the groove.
  3. When the pea plant has emerged from the ground and needs cleaning to remove weeds, you should try not to touch it since they are very delicate, and they are almost on the surface and can break or come out of the ground easily.
  4. When the plant grows, you must place a support or support with which you can entangle the plant as its development and growth is advanced, therefore you must be aware that these bases are made of firm materials and are buried so that they support the weight of the pods.
  5. After placing the seed in the ground, you will maintain a constant watering so that the plant is moist but not drowned and when the first sprout comes out, you must place a compost or fertilizer that covers them against any pest or insects that you want to feed. on it.
  6. As time goes by, the plant grows and entangles itself in the support that you have made of any material and thus you will be able to have a healthy harvest after three and a half months of germination, during which you must take into account the care so that it does not sink or lose
  7. To choose the location of the plant, you can opt for a corner where they receive the morning sun, but the afternoon sun, which is stronger, does not fully touch them, although in the winter months the sun is not usually very hot. what you should not fear.
  8. You must open the furrows very carefully where you will place the two or three seeds that you have saved to sow from a previous harvest and which will grow easily with special care that you will have to carry out efficiently.
  9. You will make the furrows with a small hoe with which you can open them and place the seed at a distance not too buried from the surface and press the earth to flatten the earth a little without clogging it, because you have to let it breathe and take some of the oxygen in the air.
  10. If you wish, you can make a more elaborate shed so that the plant can grow in an open and clear way, preventing it from growing run over, on other sides that are not desired and poorly formed, so this part itself is important.
  11. Remember that if you make a garden in the patio of your house, you should keep it in mind to keep it away from ornamental plants, that is, separate them from the garden of the house so that they do not get confused with each other.

Tips for and when to plant Peas

  • It is important that the soil is the right one so that the plant can grow optimally, full of the necessary nutrients.
  • It should never lack water, since it is what will give life to the plant in addition to keeping it hydrated and fresh so that it can sprout or emerge regularly.
  • It is important to keep in mind that the plant must be in a climate that is neither hot nor cold, that is, a temperate where it stays cool and grows efficiently.
  • The mounds of land where you must place the seed must have the ideal temperature, the necessary nutrients and free of animals and insects that affect the growth of the pea plant.
  • Take very good care of both the root, the stem and the leaves since after removing the pods the plants will continue to grow giving beautiful flowers.
  • Always use fertilizers and homemade fertilizers that are of the best quality so that the plant grows healthy with the necessary nutrients for the organism.
  • All vegetables and legumes provide the necessary nutrients to be healthy and strong, so growing all the food you need can make you eat healthy without fertilizers and poisons that are harmful to health.
  • Keep the environment where you are going to grow the pea free of weeds as well as clean of any junk or object that negatively affects the pea plant.

Peas are a really exquisite legume that admits a plurality of recipes. But not only this, but eating peas guarantees us an important source of fiber and vitamins.

They say that peas, along with broad beans, are legumes that favor weight loss, so if you are on a diet and want to lose weight, you know, include peas in your daily menu because they will fill you up, you will eat deliciously and, at the same time, taking care of your health, even favoring being thinner.

We encourage you to look for a variety of recipes to prepare peas, since they can be a food to accompany, for example in rice dishes, or an excellent dish to eat alone, trying different ways of cooking it.

There are many people who reject peas, however, we tell you that it is a matter of trying them and enjoying them, because in the kitchen the secret is in the spices and accompaniments that are added to the food.


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