Pineapple is a very special fruit due to its different properties, its scientific name is Amanas colossus, and it is native to South America. This plant was brought to Spain when boat trips began to be made, from one continent to another.

This fruit is well known throughout the world and delicious recipes, smoothies, juices and aphrodisiac drinks are prepared with them that will raise your vital energy a lot. One of the best known drinks is the famous piña colada, which is very refreshing and relaxes people who enjoy it a lot.

It should be noted that they contain a large number of vitamins such as: vitamin A, D, C. and a number of minerals and special characteristics that will offer great benefits to your health, it is also a powerful digestive that helps you prevent and fight stomach upsets, heartburn, and poor digestion.

One of its important characteristics is that it has large amounts of bromeliad, which helps digestive enzymes a lot, to dissolve the strongest and heaviest foods that we have consumed. It is also a powerful diuretic that cleanses and purifies the kidneys of excess salts and acids that are in our body.

It is widely used in treatments to combat arthritis and osteoarthritis , since it is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. Although there are already many laboratories that are producing processed medicines, with pineapple, with proven efficacy at a medical and scientific level.

The central part of the pineapple, which is like a trunk, is often used in a blender with water and a little sugar, to reduce and burn a little extra fat in our body. Drink a glass every morning when you wake up and that’s it, it will help you burn fat naturally.

It should be noted that its fibers help a lot to activate the intestines and in this way the constipation that affects so many people today due to industrialized foods low in natural fiber is combated.

In the market you can buy pineapple at low cost, but how wonderful it would be to have all these benefits at home and a few plants of this wonderful fruit. In this article we will give you many tricks, so that you can plant pineapple at home and also in some larger space.

It is not very easy to produce pineapples at home, but it is not impossible either, since despite being a plant of warm climates, it has adapted very well to the climate changes in Spain and the European continent. You just have to provide them with the necessary care and ready you will have the best pineapples in the world and with Spanish quality, how about.

On the other hand, with the pineapple shells you can make a divine fermented chicha, if you take several pineapple shells that are very ripe and chop them into pieces, then place them to boil with half a kilo of rice, and add sugar to your taste, for half an hour until the rice is very soft, then blend it and strain it with a strainer, this will be a special food and when it ferments after 3 days it will be exquisite, try it and you will see.

It is important to highlight that many people also use it as a cure for conjunctivitis, since they take it to cleanse their infected eyes due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory characteristics, with a damp cotton ball you clean your eyes, at least three times a day and you will see that the pain in the eyes and the irritation will disappear very quickly.

If you want to do the pineapple diet here we explain it in detail.

So go ahead and plant pineapple in your home and in a very simple way with our recommendations and practical tips . You just have to be a little patient and persevering since it takes more or less 18 months to harvest it with the right conditions. But it is worth this wait and enjoy this wonderful fruit that God did not give away.

Instructions for and when to plant Pineapple

1. Try to get a pineapple as big and beautiful as you can get, you should also verify that it ripens not so much.

2. You can buy pineapple at any supermarket, but you have to check that it has its crown, since in some places they remove the crowns so that people can take them with them more easily and avoid being caught by their thorns.

3. Take a sharp knife and very carefully cut the crown of the pineapple, then gently remove the small pieces of pineapple meat that remain at the base of the crown, this is because sometimes fungus can occur and it dies plant.

4. Check that the crown is alive , that its color is light green, because if it is brown or blackish it is already dead and will not work.

5. If you have only a few crown leaves that are brown and the rest are green, then put on some cloth or leather gloves and gently pull on any dead crown leaves.

6. After this procedure, locate a container with clean water and place the crown.

7. The water level should only be 3 centimeters, you can cover the entire crown, otherwise it will drown and the plant will die.

8. Place the plant near a door or window but keep it in a covered place, so that the sun’s rays do not hit it directly.

9. If the sun’s rays hit it directly, it will burn and the plant will die.

10. The best time of year in Spain to plant pineapples is in autumn and summer.

11. If it is sown in winter, it is very likely that it will not be born, but if you place it with some lamps that generate heat in a room with temperatures between 10 and 29 degrees Celsius, then it can be born.

12. After this, two months in the water, you will notice that the roots begin to come out.

13. Try to measure that the roots are more or less than 8 centimeters so that at that time it can be transferred to a pot.

14. Put sand in the pot, but make sure it is moist but very loose so that you can plant the plant without damaging the roots.

15. Place the crown in the pot with sand , with the wet sand and then add a little more water, be careful, the pot has to have some holes in the bottom so that excess water can come out.

16. When the plant is already three months old in the pots, you can transplant it to the ground, this will make it grow larger and the fruits will be sweeter.

17. After it is in the ground, water it only as much as necessary because watering it with a lot of water can generate the appearance of bacteria and damage the plant.

18. And ready you will have the best Spanish pineapples made with great pride in your own home, success and a lot of encouragement.

What do you need for and when to plant pineapple?

• A pineapple.

• A sharp knife.

• Leather or cloth gloves.

• A flower pot.

• A container with water.

• Sun and water.

Tips for and when to plant pineapple

1. The first piece of advice is that the water you put in the crown cannot be direct water from the pipe. It contains a lot of chlorine.

2. Try to use water boiled water or mineral water since it is free of chlorine and other chemicals used to make it drinkable.

3. Use sand with Use composted or fields for big, delicious fruit.

4. Be very careful with the roots, when you transplant, from the pot to the solid ground, the most important thing is that you wet the sand in the pot well so that it softens and does not break the roots when removing it.

5. Finally, be patient at 18 or 20 months, you will be harvesting and happy to have this wonderful fruit.


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