Soy is one of the most consumed grains in the world, its characteristics and uses have made it a lifelong product for the entire population.

One of its advantages is the amount of protein it provides our body, it is said that if a person eats soybeans every day, it is not necessary to consume meat or eggs. Because its protein is equivalent to that of meat and fish.

It should be noted that thanks to this protein, the lives of millions of babies born with stomach problems and who are allergic to lactose and even breast milk have been saved worldwide. From this important grain, it has been discovered how to produce soy milk, for children and why not also for adults who cannot tolerate lactose in their body.

Soybeans also contain a significant amount of vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immune system and have a significant amount of fiber that helps correct constipation problems. On the other hand, it has a significant amount of omega 3 and calcium.

At present, where feed for hens and chickens is produced, it is being used in large quantities. Since it has been discovered that chickens that are given soy in their food increase egg production by 99% and in chickens the presence of soy is used so that their growth is much faster. Because of the large amount of calcium and protein that they provide to the birds and that in the end we will be consuming.

Origins and history

Soy is originally from China, but currently in Spain, there are large crops of this grain that brings so many benefits. It is important to highlight that it is an easy plant to sow and that it is cultivated after three months with a large number of pods that come with many grains and a unique flavor.

That is why, if you grow soybeans at home, you will have great savings and you will be debuting a high quality food that can be prepared in different ways. Combining it with all known dishes. One of the tastiest recipes to prepare this grain stew with smoked beef ribs is a recipe that tastes wonderful and even more so if you accompany it with a banana or baked banana.

In such a way that if you want to have a good soybean harvest, in this article we will explain, step by step, how you can do it at home and have a good production in just a small space.

On the other hand, this plant is a vine type and can be planted both on the ground and in small pots or containers. The only thing you need is to have some materials that we will tell you about later and a great willingness to carry out this beautiful task. It helps preserve the environment and also our health. Since if we plant soybeans at home, it will not have any type of chemical fertilizers that have brought so many diseases and damage to the population.

Climates and seasons

It should be noted that it is a warm climate plant and that the low temperatures at night and in winter can greatly affect the germination and growth process of this plant, so in the end we will give you the best recommendations so that you have great success with this plant and you can have all the benefits that it offers.

The Chinese produce with this grain a black sauce known internationally as soy sauce that provides an exquisite flavor to many recipes and that has remained in the world’s markets for a long time.

On the other hand, its pods grow about 8 centimeters and it is very easy to remove the grain when the pod is dry. As it is a vine plant, some sticks or ladders should be placed on it so that it can support itself and seek to grow towards where the sunlight hits it best. And like any plant, it must be taking care that weeds do not grow. So that it doesn’t rob her of the nutrients she needs for her pimples to grow in the best way.

It is also very important to take into account the type of land and use the best organic fertilizer, taking as a recommendation the worm fertilizer that has a lot of nutrients. Of course, the best time to germinate the seeds is a week before the end of winter and their transplants from the seedbed to the ground, in the summer.

You can do this at home or in any nearby space that you can take for this precious task. Below we will give you some techniques and strategies so that you can successfully plant the soybean plant and have a wonderful garden at home.

Instructions for and when to plant Soybeans

1. The first thing is that you have to have a space at home with a good fertilizer or compost. You can do this with a little sand mixed with vegetable waste, banana shells, egg shells and coffee grounds.

2. You can also buy organic fertilizer or if you prefer worm compost.

3. Take half a kilo of soybean seeds and place them on a scattered table.

4. Select the largest and most robust grains that are in that group of half a kilo, then take an egg carton and place a little worm compost with sand in its grooves and in each container you are going to place a grain.

5. You are going to place this seedbed inside your house, in a place that maintains a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius and that is near a window so that light enters it but perpendicularly.

6. Do not allow sunlight to hit the seedbed directly or else when the plant begins to appear it will burn and die.

7. Keep the seedbed moist with little water, try to make the first drops of mineral water, this is so that germination occurs as naturally as possible.

8. After the plants are growing, and have at least 4 leaves, you can transplant them into the soil, which must already be previously fertilized and moist to receive the plants.

9. Put a light green fabric roof on them so that the sunlight does not hit them directly after the plant is in the ground, and you are going to leave this for at least the first month, until the plant has the ability to directly resist the rays of the sun.

10. Place a drip irrigation system on it, so that in this way you can save water and the soil on the site always remains moist.

11. Place a broomstick buried about 15 centimeters from the plant with a few pieces of sticks nailed in a cross shape, this is so that the plant climbs this ladder and can grow taller.

12. After three months you will see the pods and when they are dry or yellow it will be ready to harvest the soybean harvest and enjoy the best production made at home by your own hands.

13. You can also plant it in pots with its fertilizer and place the broomstick on the outside so that it climbs and grows.

What do you need for and when to plant Soy?

• Half a kilo of soybean grain of the best.

• Organic or worm compost.

• Shovel.

• Hoses and tanks for the drip irrigation system.

• Broomsticks and nails.

• Pots.

• Saw.

Tips for and when to plant Soybeans:

1. When you carry out the transplant, the soil must be totally free of weeds; we recommend that you do this task with a small shovel and that you do not add any chemical product to kill weeds because this is always absorbed by the plant.

2. Do not allow the first month to get direct sunlight because the plant will burn.


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