The stevia plant is one of the best options for people with health problems, especially diabetics. Since it is one of the natural sweeteners that have no calories or chemicals. Currently in Spain there are already thousands of plantations growing this plant of tropical origin but with certain care it is reproducing throughout Spain and especially in more temperate climates.

It has properties that are unique to its kind, it contains a large amount of vitamins and folic acid that strengthens the entire immune system, its cultivation and planting are very simple and having it available at home is a very good idea, since you can save by not buying processed sugar and better health.

The consumption of processed sugar has made millions of people sick because of the amount of chemicals that are added to make it look transparent. Because when they take it out, from the sugar cane and start cooking it. Its color is dark brown and although the processed sugar is obtained from a plant. After this process it is very tasty but very bad for our body.

People who consume a lot of processed sugar raise their glucose level a lot and this makes people feel bad. They get fat and overweight, suffer from depression, lose their sight, have tachycardia and may even have a heart attack or stroke. Thing that we can avoid with the use and cultivation of stevia.

It should be noted that the use of stevia in confectionery is greater; its way of using it has been increasing due to its special characteristics and above all for people to improve their health. In Spain and around the world, many people have an addiction to processed sugar and all the products that are made with it. For this reason, stevia is one of the best solutions, the only thing is that you follow our advice and recommendations so that you can sow and harvest it with great success.

The soft drink and soft drink industry is already making drinks with stevia, offering this new option to the market for all its customers and especially those who have problems with high blood glucose. Scientific studies have determined that many of today’s diseases are due to the use of a large amount of processed sugar in our daily foods.

That’s why the best is natural; it’s just a matter of habit and adapting to stevia leaves to sweeten our food and drinks. On the other hand, stevia leaves already ground and packaged are also available on the market. Something that you only take a teaspoon, add it to your coffee or tea and that’s it. It looks like it was sweetened with processed sugar.

They even recommend it to sweeten the foods and cereals that we give our children from their first years of life. The first thing they teach us is to sweeten everything with processed sugar and when they reach adulthood, it is most likely that they already have type 1 diabetes and have to spend a lot of money on diets and medications to prevent them from getting worse and dying from it. Of this great evil.

That is why stevia is one of the best solutions to this great evil. You can harvest it even in decorative pots in your house or if you want in small gardens in the back of your house. You just have to get the seeds , place a little organic or worm compost and follow the recommendations that we will give you later.

It is important to note that stevia tea is widely used to calm anxiety and relax the body. So people take it when they have a lot of stress and can’t sleep, it also helps decongest the respiratory tract and is excellent for curing indigestion.

It is so simple that many people who live in apartments but have a small balcony or window. They plant it in small pots and with a lot of love and care the plant grows and is very beautiful. Being very useful to sweeten and also to add to sauces and stews, which we prepare in our recipes. A very common recipe is to make a fresh tomato sauce with stevia and the paste will be very rich and without harmful chemicals, which are added to the tomato sauce in supermarkets.

Instructions for and when to plant Stevia:

1. The first thing is to locate the seed, which is not very easy to get but on the Internet you can locate it more easily since this plant is of American origin.

2. Take a space in your house, it can be in the back or in the front, raise a roof with a light green fabric canvas, this is so that it works as a light filter and the sun’s rays do not receive them directly to the plant.

3. Then, take the sand from the ground and plow it with a pick or a shovel, after the sand is loose, add organic worm compost.

4. Later, make some furrows with a separation of 30 centimeters; this is so that the water passes through them when you water it.

5. Then, place the seeds in the part that remains in the middle of each furrow, placing three to 4 seeds and with a depth of 5 millimeters, this is so that it can germinate more easily since its roots are very superficial.

6. Place a thermometer to control the temperature of the environment, which should be between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius, so we recommend that you sow the seeds a week before the end of winter.

7. Check the temperature at night, at least once at 12 at night and the other time at 5 in the morning. This is because if the temperature drops a lot you will have to place some incandescent lamps. To generate heat, since very low temperatures kill the plant.

8. Then you have to be careful to water them, you have to keep the soil moist but not wet, since a large amount of water can damage the plants and the plant dies.

9. In more or less 5 weeks, the seeds have already germinated and the plants will be starting to sprout their first leaves.

10. After the plants are 10 weeks old then you can start removing some of the leaf stems. With pruning shears, this is so that the plant does not suffer much.

11. Just remove the tips of their branches, so that the plant does not die and can continue to grow and give you more leaves, which are used to sweeten.

12. You can also shade this plant inside your house and maintain the temperature with a heater, in pots, which can be large, small or medium depending on your available space.

13. Remember to place a bit of soil and another bit of earthworm compost or organic fertilizer in the pot.

14. Place it in a place where the sun’s rays do not hit them directly, otherwise the plant will burn.

15. Lastly, keep your soil moist and give it the best care and lots of love, remember that plants are living things.

What do you need for and when to plant Stevia?

• Stevia seeds.

• Organic fertilizer.

• Shovel and spout.

• Land.

• Sun.

• Pots.

• Toilet.

Tips for and when to plant Stevia

1. We recommend that when you go to water your plants, talk to them and tell them nice things. It is proven that affection and good treatment make your plants grow strong, beautiful and robust, since they are living beings and perceive your energy.

2. The best time for your seeds to germinate well is in summer, since these plants come from temperate climates and excessive cold affects them a lot.


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