You want to make changes in your house and you have decided to start by decorating the garden, since you want to have a special place to spend the afternoon or do useful things in a place that, being out in the open, can make you think well. What to do as garden furniture can be damaged.

It is important that you keep in mind that when thinking about a garden, you have to combine the materials to look for and that they are resistant to inclement weather, which is usually very strong for everything, especially if you do not have a roof that protects them from rain, sun hail, among others.

For this reason, think about this a little and apart from how you want it to look or the aesthetic, the first thing is the material to use since they can be very beautiful, but if they are delicate they will soon be damaged and therefore we would waste a lot on it, therefore the ideal material is aluminum or plastic.

What do you need to choose garden furniture?

  • The furniture must be in accordance with the setting and the accessories, in addition to the type of plants with which you plan to decorate.
  • You must have time to choose the best ones for that special place.
  • Choose between glassmetalaluminumplasticwicker, among many others as a choice of material.
  • Always keep the place clean and neat.
  • Do not let dust be a problem or determining factor that spoils your furniture.
  • Do not paint them, it may be that the water and the sun end up deteriorating them, natural is better.

Instructions for choosing garden furniture

  1. The garden furniture must be in accordance with the exterior decoration that you have, in addition to the type of nature and floor that you have decided to place, since then it will depend that everything is in a way that is consistent with furniture, decoration and accessories.
  2. Do you feel intimidated? Never do it, since you are the one who is going to decide how you want that special place that you have decided to have in the back of your house or, alternatively, the open and well-decorated terrace for your moments of relaxation.
  3. The use of paint must be consistent with everything else. Also, if you want a rustic environment, you can use a material that resembles wood and stone throughout or you can choose two materials such as cement and bamboo.
  4. The first thing you should think about before buying furniture is the weather, since they will carry sun, rain, wind as well as dust or external agents that want to invade and eat them like termites, which are the strongest enemies of wood.
  5. The dimensions of the environment must be according to your needs, so if you have a small space, opt for a breakfast area or modular furniture that is colorful and cushions that you can remove, and also be washable.
  6. Unify the relaxation environment with a hammock made of different materials, with a table or with a special chair for your outdoor naps under the shade of a beautiful vine, covering a box made of bamboo.
  7. Think about your pets and the little ones in the house, since many times they want to play in the garden and if it is small and the pets are very large, they can end up doing damage that you will regret later. Think about the dimension if this happens to you.
  8. The style must be in accordance with what you want to decorate or place in the garden, so think carefully about which one you are going to adopt for your special environment.  Do you want to stand out? Well, don’t go crazy in your precious outdoor space.
  9. Look online for decorating options if you feel inexperienced or don’t know what colors to use. In addition, in stores there are always those who want to put their ideas so that the style, shape, space and the whole can have a unification.
  10. If you decorate in a modern way, you should keep in mind that you should not put anything rustic with pebbles, wood, even bamboo, since they do not go together, you better locate yourself in one and you will have the opportunity to have spaces that shine with their own life.
  11. A huge patio with green areas can give us the solution to our decoration problems, because it is a canvas where you are the one who is going to place the colors so that it is a beautiful and full of life painting. Do you have it and do you dare?
  12. There are woods that resist inclement weather and that you can use for rustic or aged decoration, which will take those who have the opportunity to visit you by surprise, but remember to always maintain them to avoid deeper damage.
  13. Rattan and bamboo are ideal for you to place outside because they are resistant and capable of withstanding a lot, especially if you have them as breakfast tables, tables, armchairs and even decanters and some other accessory. Do you want to have a bamboo pot? Do it by yourself.
  14. Glass with metal or aluminum(never iron) can have an explosive combination that will make your outdoor space more luxurious and elegant, apart from adding some pieces of marble, for more distinction.
  15. Remember that it is you who is going to have that personal space, so you must choose the style that goes according to your character and what you want to have on your terrace, patio or even the porch, which are the places to spend pleasant moments.

Tips for choosing garden furniture

  • First, the space is what will indicate what type of decoration to place, so you must be attentive to this.
  • In small spaces you can opt for furniture that is easy to locate, put on or take off and save you space. Minimalists are the best for it.
  • breakfast area on the terrace can be a good option, so make sure your space is suitable for it.
  • The barbecue environment must be in a fairly large space, so you must keep in mind what type of materials you can place so that you are not in the wrong.
  • If you want a place for guests, place a special place that extends the kitchen to the patio with a well-built roof for it, that takes care of the weather and anything else.
  • The best solution you can have for your gatherings and barbecues is a large environment with grass as well as a pool or pool where the little ones and pets can enjoy. Think about it.
  • Remember that the garden is a place exposed to inclement weather, so both in design and in choosing and buying furniture, plan well to opt for those versions that are suitable for factors such as rain, wind, cold, humidity, sun, heat, or dirt. Even if birds or insects come to your home, try to make it easy to clean furniture. This without taking into account the possibility of dogs or cats entering your home, whether they are your own or a neighbor’s. Even wild animals depending on where you live.
  • If there are children, take care that the garden is a safe place for them, any precaution is little when there are little ones around


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