Decorating a small garden can be as much fun as doing the same with a large garden and even more, since you will have to develop your creativity on many occasions to try to maximize the available space. In this sense, it is essential to be able to take advantage of what you have and look for simple ideas that can offer good results.

It is important that you know the characteristics of the space in which you are going to place your small garden, so that it can become much easier for you to take advantage of every corner to create a garden to your liking.

If you are a lover of flowers, plants and everything that you have to do with the earth, it is highly advisable that, if you have the possibility, you have a small garden in your home. To know how to decorate a small garden that has great beauty, it is important that you take into account the instructions that we are going to give next.

Advantages of small gardens

Before explaining step by step what you should do to decorate a small garden, we will quickly remind you of the advantages of small gardens, some of them being the following:

  • Easy maintenance: Having a smaller size, you will not need to use specific garden machinery for it, in addition to investing less of your time in its care than if you had a large garden.
  • More welcoming: A small garden is more welcoming and can be places full of charm and very welcoming.
  • Cheaper: By needing less furniture and fewer plants, a small garden can be cheaper than a large one.

Instructions to decorate a Small Garden

  1. First of all, you must define the style you want to follow in your garden, taking into account that there are many types, such as minimalist, rustic or ZEN.
  2. Once you are clear about the style that you want to implement in your garden, you must select both the materials and the colors that you want it to have, so that you can create a harmonious scheme.
  3. Next, you must plan the distribution of your garden, trying to be clear about where each of the elements that you want to be part of it will go, starting from the basis that having so little space, good organization of the space is vital. For this, it is advisable to distinguish different environments, which is possible despite the fact that the space is small. In this sense, it is important that when designing the garden you decide the place where the plants will be located. If these will be placed in one place or around the entire garden. You must also define where the rest area will be, where you can meet with your friends or enjoy time alone. To separate these areas you can use elements such as grass or carpets.
  4. Once you have planned where each of the elements that will be part of your garden will go, it is time to assess the furniture. One of the main objectives of a garden is that you can get to spend time in them, so you must create a comfortable space. Being small in size you will not be able to bet on a large piece of furniture, but you can resort to the use of folding tables and chairs, poufs, hammocks, etc. Remember the importance of the furniture material being resistant to the outdoors and inclement weather or, failing that, that you can cover them when you are not using them.
  5. Bet on verticality. If you have a small garden, resorting to vertical gardens is a great option, since it consists of placing the plants vertically instead of horizontally, using walls or ceiling supports. In this way you can have more plants in your garden without the need for more space. To create them, you can use pallets; planters, pendants or that can be attached to the wall, seedbeds on different levels or pots that are inside others. The possibilities are very diverse and will depend on the creativity of each person. In addition, you can always bet on climbing plants or vines that help decorate your garden vertically.
  6. Once you have created your garden, regardless of whether it is horizontal or vertical, it is very important that you provide it with good lighting. This is essential to make the garden look perfect at night. In this sense, it is recommended to use energy-saving light bulbs, wall lamps and the like, although you can also install spotlights behind bushes or hedges, which will also create an effect of depth. If you want to give your garden greater depth, you can also use mirrors, which will allow you to create optical illusions that will make your garden look much bigger.

What do you need to decorate a Small Garden?

  • Plants and flowers.
  • Garden furniture suitable for outdoor use.
  • Garden lamps.

Tips for decorating a Small Garden

  • Whenever possible try to use recycled materials for the decoration of your garden. For this, many everyday objects will serve you, such as canning jars. These can be used as terrariums or to plant flowers. You can also take advantage of a bowl to make centerpieces or pallets to create structures for planters. The possibilities are limitless and will depend on your creativity.
  • Choose the vegetation according to your tastes and the characteristics of both the plants themselves and your garden. Some common plants are ornamental trees, cacti, climbing plants or groundcovers.


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