If you have a terrace in your home, let us tell you that you are king and lord of an immense possibility of decorating terraces and accommodating a space to spend pleasant evenings in the company of your friends, family and visitors as well as enjoying a clear environment, free as well very fresh.

Many times you will find a wall opposite to decorate these environments, but you only have to take into account the size or dimension, if it is divided into steps, if it has wooden floors in addition to being in the back or to the side of your house and the weather.

On the other hand, you should also consider your tastes and that of your family to build a terrace that has different ideas mixed together because it is an environment where everyone will spend free time relaxing, studying, having fun or simply reading.

Your house may have a small space instead of a terrace that you can modify to your liking, making it difficult to decorate it, but there is a solution for everything and if you pay attention to the advice we give you, you will have the opportunity to achieve a unique space. No matter the size.

Remember that no matter the size , what should stand out the most is that it must be an environment with all the comforts to relax in addition to being in constant contact with nature, thanks to occupying the outside of your house or even a side with full view. From all over the place.

What do you need to decorate terraces?

  • If the space is small, there are many options to decorate it, for example modular furniture.
  • You must make the changes yourself according to how you feel and your character without feeling that you cannot do it.
  • You can change the furniture as you like to give yourself more space on the terrace.
  • There are many styles of furniture as well as different materials that you can choose from, including wood and bamboo.
  • If you do not have a roof on the terrace, make sure that the furniture does not deteriorate due to the weather if you live where it rains a lot.
  • If the terrace is large, try the option of complementing it with large armchairs and a table for breakfast or dinner.
  • You can choose to place it as an annex to your kitchen and in it the dining table.
  • On the other hand, think about doing it outside as the center of the garden, it will look beautiful.
  • It all depends on your creativity so put it to work.
  • Take care of every detail so that you have nothing left to decorate, since it is a place that is going to be visible and striking.
  • Keep in mind that it is part of your home and you must wear the best so that you always feel comfortable or want to arrive immediately after work.

Instructions for decorating terraces

Every house has an uncovered environment to enjoy nature that can be a patio, a garden, a porch, a balcony or a terrace, which is the one that really interests us at the moment and to which we refer in this article, so pay attention because they are very different.

The terraces are family spaces designed to recreate in different ways, either to spend a different day or to relax, sunbathe, read, listen to music and many more activities just by integrating a private, own place and with all the comforts of the outdoors.

Despite being discovered, the terraces have definite purposes in terms of filling you with privacy for the activities that you usually take into account when spending long periods of rest at home, so being able to decorate them is a unique opportunity to obtain a special corner.

Although you think that the space does not have the appropriate measures to stand out, you are wrong in a great way since it does not matter if it is small or large; you only have to take into account your creativity when choosing the furniture, accessories and other elements. Decorative.

Remember, you are the one who chooses the type of decoration, the rest are ideas and suggestions that you can take to have the space as you like, for this reason we insist that you must search, ask, analyze, solve and have the exact planning of what want to decorate your terrace.

The terrace becomes a family space so you must keep in mind that all members participate in the decoration, you can even let the imagination of the little ones overflow and give you the best idea to do the work and planning is easier. Delegate functions.

Ideas to have a beautiful terrace

  1. Renovate furniture. Before thinking about decorating your terrace you should think about removing the furniture and being able to work seriously from the ceiling, walls and floor and therefore it is time to ask yourself if you need new ones or you can order the current ones to be upholstered and thus do a more general job and cleansed. Think about it!
  2. The color on the walls. As the terrace is usually an annex, you can choose to change the color it had before, which is why choose something that is clear since it is on the outside and must be a bit sober, together with the need to make it something striking. For you, but that inspires tranquility as well.
  3. You can use concrete and put porcelain on it so that it is well fortified and you do not have the restlessness of wood, thinking that any type of insects can enter and finish it before you fully enjoy it, although many strong materials have come out on the market.
  4. A natural style with flowers and plants. You will be able to place plants of various species and thus surround yourself with nature so that you feel both the freshness and the rich aroma of the flowers, on the other hand, being natural you can put grass and you do not worry about having to clean it.
  5. Light and calm. Build a house in the center of your garden and in the surroundings you can count on planting ornamental plants as well as medicinal and floral plants, the set is very beautiful and in addition to that you will feel great peace and calm every time you sit in it. Put up a hammock.
  6. A crazy style. If you’re not too keen on understated, elegant style, you can opt for something less austere with the freedom to layer different materials and accessories with little concern, so you don’t have to worry as much about whether you’re in style or on trend.
  7. A harmonious terrace with fangs hut. Paint the walls with colors that attract happiness and tranquility such as white and beige, in addition to combining bamboo with rattan in a carefree way with modular furniture and large cushions in tune with the walls, as well as a place where you can burn incense for the environment.
  8. With wood on the floor. Many people choose to choose wood for the entire terrace, but remember that you should always paint it with varnish so that it does not lose its color, shine and texture and thus always look beautiful despite inclement weather, which always deteriorates it.
  9. Game site. You can choose to place a pool table, a bar, with a roof to prevent it from getting wet or getting a lot of sun, in addition to this you can also change the table for a ping pong table or another one that you want so that the boys have a lot of fun.
  10. Always keep everything green and beautiful. It is not that you have everything messy, for this you must keep in mind to keep the site clean without leaves in addition to the always green and well pruned plants so that it looks wonderful and they want to always be on the terrace because it inspires tranquility.
  11. A terrace that calls romance. All tender from colors that inspire love, red hearts, all illuminated and a large armchair where you and your partner can spend the afternoon, as well as many flowers around such as jasmine and daisy and thus feel the aroma and color at the same time.
  12. An open terrace. The terrace must be arranged in such a way that it is open so that they can contemplate all the wonders outside that nature offers and for this you must take into account the place where you live as well as the climate so that it does not harm the environment, with a space for barbecues.
  13. A closed site. You can use that space for games and even with a sound system where you can sit down to listen to music or even give yourself the opportunity to sing karaoke, at a family gathering, barbecue or among friends something simple and simple but cozy.
  14. Quiet space. The terraces are special places to spend the afternoon after a long day of work, even for family gatherings where communication must prevail, and the union of all can be felt when they sit down in the afternoon to talk and chat over a cup of tea or coffee.

Tips for decorating terraces

  • Remember that if you have a small space you should not crowd or fill it with furniture; it will look very exaggerated and overloaded.
  • Use folding furniture that you can pick up and store at any time and of course according to style.
  • Look for ideas in different stores or in magazines, although the internet can give you many things too.
  • It has accessories such as magazine racks, central tables, corner tables, hammocks and also a bar where you can have the drinks you like the most.
  • It has an executive fridge to keep drinks cold always.
  • Make everything a natural type that doesn’t feel stuffy or overdone.
  • Look for the new trends in colors, materials, style as well as the best in terrace furniture.
  • A garden can be something inspiring think about it when you are decorating.
  • Floors and furniture with pieces of wood can add a rustic style if your house is an old remodeled chalet, always look for something similar to the shape and structure of your house.
  • You can choose to make lamps with waste material, which you can do yourself with any type of material for it.
  • Make pots of different materials to organize the large plants you want inside the terrace as well as put on the steps if they have them.
  • Always look for the opportunity to ask experts to advise you with any space you want to decorate with the latest trends and have no idea what to do.
  • Take care of every detail and in addition to that look for pictures that go with the style of your furniture.
  • Do not place many tables or decorations that overload the room, only with plants and furniture can you stand out.


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