The decorations in the garden do not always end up being to everyone’s taste. For some it is not a problem and seeing it that way, it should always be like that. The gardens have them each, as they like.

Another thing is, when gardens are decorated with certain decorations that can cause a lot of debate. In that case there is this theme: garden decoration with dwarfs. For many people it will always be a cuteness, others will think that it is a quiche decoration and in the worst case, a real aberration for the garden.

Instructions to decorate the garden with dwarfs

  1. When referring to decorations with dwarfs, we are obviously emphasizing that it is just that, simple figures in the shape of dwarfs. The material does not matter… that will depend on each person, on what they like best, where they are going to place it so that it can withstand more or less inclement weather, whether they are in color, without colors, plaster, stone, etc. marble, cardboard, plastic, lights, etc.
  2. To go a little deeper into the subject of this type of decoration, because, after all, it is what it is all about, a decoration, you have to know when and where this little great decorative phenomenon began to flow. It can be found anywhere in the world, although in some countries it is more typical than in others. Some love this decoration in their garden and others detest it deeply. As in everything, it is a matter of taste.
  3. By “garden gnomes” I mean all kinds of sculptures that have adorned villa gardens since the 1960s, ranging from donkeys to falcons to dwarfs, singly or in pairs, polychrome or in stone, cats sucking its paw and countless insects of different sizes, strategically placed in corners of the garden and terrace.
  4. The classic dwarfs have given way (or if we really think about it, not so much) to other figures that are going out of fashion or, like in any fashion, they are back in full swing. From the classic water fountains (which are now increasingly seen even in the most modern gardens), through the Greek and Roman stone figures, the figurines of any kind among the plants, flowers, trees… there almost hidden or presiding over the flower bed and/or plot, garden making an appearance and looking splendid or, with that air that the years give it, the stones that have their own experiences with their characteristic mold, moss and different aged layers.
  5. The really important thing when deciding to place these elements in the garden is to have them well cared We explain ourselves. If they are painted, over the years, it must be taken into account that, if they are outdoors, withstanding water, rain, cold, wind, sun, etc. The paint will fall off, it will fade and therefore you have to try (if you don’t want it to go from becoming a beautiful garden to a neglected garden) paint it when the paint falls off.
  6. Another thing that is achieved by placing the dwarfs in the garden is that they combine with different figures and that can be created from a garden full of illusion and creativity, or combine a multitude of objects to match these figures. From flowers, various plants, balls, baskets, garden tools, lights, baskets, etc.
  7. There are people who at a specific time (in the nineties) came up with what was called “freeing the garden dwarfs”. What was intended with this was to leave any garden free of these dolls, remove them, eliminate them or directly, even get into other people’s gardens and break them. Of course, we do not enter to comment. But if you want to get an idea, there is a film that takes certain images that can help you (Amelia).
  8. For another part of the people, there are those who consider that filling the garden with little dwarfs or gnomes is a real freak. A very cheesy thing and even in the most exaggerated case, there are those who think that they are pure aberrations.
  9. Surely, you will have observed some small gardens where the owners place dwarfs or also called gnomes and in this way they give it a different air, take away sobriety, combine it with colorful flowers to give joy or combine it with baskets of aromatic flowers (to give you another idea) or place them in semi-hidden areas to give the garden a more fun style.
  10. Fans of the series like David the Gnome can unleash their imagination and devotion to cartoons and lay out their gardens with these dwarfs. There are authentic replicas that are cute. You can paint them yourself to let your creativity run wild and do craft exercises along the way, or you can buy them made of different materials. There is plaster (although this material will last less time outdoors if not taken care of); there are wood (they can end up rotting with water), stone, marble, plastic, lights, etc. And then there are those who are super crafty or decide to call gardeners and make their own dwarf dolls by trimming, polishing, pruning… bushes and making figures with plants. At least, it is very original. But of course it’s expensive.
  11. If you have thought about placing these figures of dwarfs in your garden, but you are not convinced by the typical air, perhaps somewhat ketch (as some would say) or cheesy (as others would say) because they are usually very colorful and very classic, you can Opt for the most modern versions. Because there is more and more variety. You can find gnomes or dwarfs that are the same shade; they can be bought in neutral tones, fluorescent, dark, pastel colors, earth tones, etc.
  12. They can also be suddenly given another air and combined with a more natural touch. Made of natural stone, granite, natural materials, and organic… and very modern or even eclectic designs.

What do you need to decorate the garden with gnomes?

  • A garden.
  • Figures of dwarfs and/or gnomes.

Tips for decorating the garden with gnomes

Whenever landscapers, decorators or the owners of the house decide to place these little beings such as gnomes or dwarfs in their garden, the question will begin to haunt them.  Because the same thing will always happen: there will be people who continue to adore these figures and find them very nice and funny. But there are also many people who have real mania and feel aberration for them. Let’s hope that the same hooliganism of years ago (as we mentioned above in the article) does not repeat itself, where they jumped the gardens and dedicated themselves to breaking these figures.

There are also people who have a special predilection for these figurines because they consider that having them brings them luck at home, protects their home, makes them feel more at peace… it is a matter of beliefs and as such, they must be respected.

The models can be found more and more easily in almost any type of material, shades, colors, shapes, different types… from the most eclectic, to the most modern and without forgetting, of course, the classic gnomes. So that it does not clash too much in your garden, think about the style of garden you have and, consequently, make a good pairing with the type of dwarfs you choose to place them in it.


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