If you are interested in knowing how to dry a tree first, you should know if you really need to get rid of it. Trees are very important in nature and in human life. Since they provide oxygen, fruits, shade, firewood, etc., in addition to being the place where some animals live.

However, on some occasions you may find you wanting or needing to get rid of one of them, either because they have grown a lot; take up a lot of space, etc.

Why dry a tree:

Before showing you the steps you can follow to know how to dry a tree, you should know that the reasons that give rise to this decision can be very different. Sometimes it is necessary to remove them, especially if it is about areas or spaces in which a construction is going to be carried out or in houses with small gardens, as well as if you simply want to eliminate them to have a space available for others.


Sometimes a person is forced to dry out a tree and remove it because it is affecting the structure of a building or home, giving rise to risks that make its removal necessary.

In any case, in this article we have prepared a series of techniques that you can carry out to dry out a tree and kill it.

Instructions for drying a tree

There are different methods that are useful for drying a tree, some of the most effective being the following:

Using car motor oil, gasoline and chlorine

  1. First of all you have to take car motor oil with gasoline and chlorine and mix it all in a solution.
  2. Then you will have to spread it throughout the trunk, to later cover it.
  3. In this simple way you will have already started the process to dry the tree, although you must bear in mind that the process, although it is one of the most effective, is also somewhat slow. In this way it can take several weeks for the tree to dry out. In this case the mixture works as an herbicide.

Using Epson salt

  1. Buy Epson salt or rock salt, which are very powerful to be able to dry out a tree.
  2. Next you must pierce the entire surface of the trunk. To do this you must use a drill so that your perforations have a width of about 2 cm and a depth of approximately 20 cm.
  3. Once the perforation has been made, proceed to introduce 3/4 of the Epson salt and cover them with wax.
  4. When you have already done these steps, like other similar methods, you will have to wait, taking into account that you will have to wait several months to see the results, which will be your dry tree.

Drilling the trunk

  1. Another method, simpler than the previous ones, consists simply of making holes in the entire trunk.
  2. Once you have made them, you will only have to wait for a fungus to grow that will rot the tree and dry it completely.

Using common salt

  1. This trick is very fast to kill a rapid, thus being one of the most used by those who try to dry a tree. For this you need coarse salt.
  2. Once you have the salt you must pierce the trunk using a drill.
  3. When you have made the hole you just have to place the coarse salt in them.
  4. Once the salt is added, you will only have to wait a week or two for it to dry and die.  However, this will only be useful for small trees.

Depriving you of light and water

If you want to look for an alternative method to the previous ones, you must prevent the tree from receiving light and water. You must bear in mind that if he does not receive it, he will die slowly.

  1. To use this method you must cover the tree with a plastic bag or a dark tarp.
  2. When you have already done it, you will only have to wait, although the process can last between 3 and 6 months. Once this time has passed, the trunk will dry out until it dies.
  3. You can combine this method with other methods to make it more effective and you can dry the tree more quickly.

Cut it down

In the event that you want to dry out a tree, if it is large, what you should do is cut it down or uses a saw. 

  1. If you want to kill it without using herbicides, you must uproot it. To do this you must use a chainsaw. In any case, you can use a specific liquid to dry trees, a substance that you can get at a specialized garden store.
  2. In this way you will be able to dry the tree, although you must bear in mind that if you cut it down and do not apply any herbicide or specific liquid, you will not be able to dry it, and it will grow again.

Tips for drying out a tree

  • Given its importance for nature and the life of all human beings, it is preferable to explore other ways than to dry and remove a tree. Only in case it is strictly necessary is it advisable to choose to remove it.
  • Before killing a tree, make sure that no animal lives in it. If it does, you should try to move it to another tree, especially if you decide to cut it down. In addition, if it has fruits, you must pluck them before cutting it down.


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