Due to the diversity of lifestyles that human beings have adopted. To enjoy nature, which influences both its climate and time and patience? It has been necessary to find ways to have contact with nature and one of the reasons. Used to beautify your home or work space or simply give as a gift to your loved ones, today we will teach you how to dry flowers fast.

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It is to apply techniques or procedures that take place on a day-to-day basis, therefore drying flowers in many ways. One of them is the old trick of stoning between weights or simply placing the flowers in a book and letting time pass.

Although it loses its color. Today there are some practical and successful techniques that do not limit man to dissecting any type of plants, roses, aromatic spices or leaves.

For example: the pumpkin flower can be used as decoration in the making of paintings or placed in a pot. And since it was dried in a dark and dry environment, it would keep its natural color (yellow/orange). Although she also works to make hot tea infusion to fight cancer cells. And with the flower you can prepare meals rich in vitamins that contain: A, C, B1, B2, and B3 and Be. They contain calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, fibers; they are also low in cholesterol, due to their high water content, which is why it is sometimes difficult to dry flowers quickly.

Ways to dry flowers

  • The use of the conventional kitchen oven. Which takes the flowers with the tall stem, is placed in a metal mesh and the flower is introduced. For example, a rose with the bud facing up that goes directly into the oven at a temperature of approximately 38°, depending on the type of oven, whether it is large or small, or if it is gas or electric, is left for 3 hours, depending on the hot air coming out of the oven. The dehydration process of the flower will occur, and once it is dry, wait for the rose to reach its natural temperature (that is, it cools down) and then proceed to spray it with lacquer (which is used for hair) or if you have sealer on hand floral, and thus I would obtain a bouquet of dried roses to decorate a table with its vase or to give as a gift.
  • Outdoors: This is a longer challenge lasting 2-4 weeks; It consists of forming clusters of flowers on long stems between 10 to 15 flowers, then a string or wick is placed, tying it at the ends of the stem and placing the flowers downwards, this consists of the excess water contained in the flower draining until spend the 4 weeks and check if they are dry by gently touching the flowers and feeling them crackle.
  • Cat litter: Another way is to use cat litter, which contains a substance called silica. This technique is used by filling a glass jar with a lid and placing the flowers preferably containing many petals, leaving the arrangement ready and sealing it petals, leaving the arrangement ready and sealing it, after 5 days the flowers are dry.
  • The use of Microwaves: This technique is the fastest there is, the use of microwaves;  consisting of only 3 minutes, the dissecting process is carried out and an original finish is obtained. This consists of making a pressing between 2 ceramics and wick or string, placing absorbent paper on each tombstone and the flowers, monitoring every minute of waves and changing the absorbent paper. Being careful with ceramics since it gets very hot and you have to be careful so that no accident happens.
  • Glycerin: Glycerin is used for many activities at home and one of them is dissecting flowers, although this technique requires several days (2 weeks) it is a very simple process.
  • Ironing: today there are many techniques, one of them also works and that is ironing.  Since it is almost the same process as the previous ones that need heat.


In conclusion, this is the best way to preserve the memories expressed through the delicacy and beauty of each flower. Therefore, these techniques are applicable to all types of climate and season of each country, that is, there is no excuse for the husband. Or boyfriend or anyone to give that nice detail of a flower to a loved one.

It can also be used for flower arrangements, events such as weddings, baptisms, mother’s day, and funerals, among others. So go ahead and apply these procedures in your home and you will be entrepreneurs in the art of floristry or simply reunite the family. And more if there are children, since it motivates them to participate and reaffirm their creativity. In a didactic way, it includes them in contact with nature and they learn about the diversity of names of plants, flowers, and even shapes of leaves and their texture. We hope you have learned how to dry flowers fast.


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