In recent years in Spain and in the world, processed sugars are causing a lot of damage to people’s health. The sugar is extracted from the sugar cane, with a special machine its stem is ground and pressed and the juice that this boot is used to sweeten, being very healthy.

The problem began when they began to do chemical treatments to whiten it and finally make it transparent and crystallized into small particles. That when placed in contact with water or any liquid, it would mix more easily.

On the other hand, soft drink companies use these processed sugars in large quantities and people start consuming these drinks from a very young age. Big companies have designed such million-dollar advertising campaigns. That if you don’t drink a soft drink  with every meal, then you is not into anything and the food doesn’t taste the same, which is false.

In such a way, that when they reach a certain age, they already have type one and two diabetes, so the person must spend a large amount on medications to be able to have quality of life in their last years of life.

But there is always good news and God and nature offer us the best and among those options we have stevia. That we can grow at home and that this plant also allows us to sweeten our juices and foods without chemicals and with a taste practically the same as processed sugar.

This plant, in addition to being very sweet, also has a large amount of vitamins and minerals in its leaves. It also provides us with folic acid, which helps our body to raise its defenses and be more protected against any disease.

Domestic use

It is widely used as a tea, with a few drops of lemon; it is special to decongest the nasal passages when people have the flu. It is an excellent digestive and helps control stomach gas and heartburn.

It should be noted that in Spain in markets and health food stores, these ground leaves are already for sale and are cheaper than buying processed sugar. In restaurants, they are already using stevia in juices and desserts, since many overweight people are beginning to be aware that the body must also take care of it and give it the best.

That is why the importance of harvesting stevia and enjoying its benefits, we encourage you to start planting this wonderful plant and try it, you will see that you will forget about processed sugar in a short time and its carcinogenic industrial chemicals.

Stevia is a small plant that only grows about 60 centimeters tall and 40 centimeters wide, making it very easy to grow at home. Either in the ground or in pots. Of course, like any plant, you have to give it the best treatment and take into account our recommendations so that you can get the most out of this wonder of nature.

It should be noted that this plant is a bit delicate with changes in climate and cold, since its leaves are a bit thin and delicate; it is advisable to have it inside the house or in a garden but with lamps that regulate the temperature. Its temperature should be more or less than 15 degrees Celsius up to a maximum of 25 degrees Celsius.

Culinary benefits for your health

You can cultivate the leaves and place them for two days in the sun, they will dry and can be easily ground with your hands or if you prefer you can boil them and store them in the fridge to sweeten your desserts and to make different sauces.

Tomato sauces sweetened with stevia leaves are very tasty and can also be used to make sauce for pizzas and macaroni. Which represents more flavor and fewer calories for your body?

Doctors are already beginning to prescribe them to people who are overweight and have diabetes, so that in this way they have the possibility of reversing in a short time the poor health condition, which they obtained as a result of processed sugar.

You will see how easy it is to follow our recommendations and have this stevia plant at home, with the best cultivation techniques and some tips that our little eagles leave us, who have so much wisdom, in the knowledge of these ancient plants.

Instructions for Growing Stevia

  1. The first thing is that you locate the stevia seeds, which are a bit small, similar to the seeds of the canary grass that the birds eat.
  2. You can locate these seeds first online and place your order or visit the store at the corresponding address. Don’t buy too much; start with a quarter of a kilo, or maybe less since each little seed is a stevia plant.
  3. Take some disposable cups and add a little compost with soil, more or less about 20 cups.
  4. With a nail, open some small holes in the bottom part so that the water drains off them and they are not too wet.
  5. Place two stevia seeds in each glass with a depth of one centimeter.
  6. Place the glasses in a part inside your house, but it can be near a window to get a little sunlight.
  7. The ideal temperature is between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius, so we recommend you have a room thermometer.
  8. It is recommended that you sow the seeds beginning in the summer.
  9. After the seeds germinate in a period of two or three weeks, expect them to be 10 centimeters in size and have several leaves for you to transplant.
  10. Next, take a piece of land from your backyard and add some organic compost or worm compost to it.
  11. Mix the fertilizer well with the sand; you can do this with a pick and a shovel.
  12. After the soil is loose, add water to moisten it.
  13. When this is ready, you can carry out the transplant that is if you are going to take the plants that are bigger and stronger than all the ones you had germinating in the glasses.
  14. We recommend that you place some furrows in the ground with a separation of 30 centimeters so that the water passes through it and does not remain stagnant.
  15. When you place the plant in the ground or soil, you must do it with a depth of 5 centimeters so that the root is well below and the plant is well supported.
  16. When the plant is 12 months old and 60 centimeters tall, you can start harvesting the leaves.
  17. To cut the leaves you must do it from the buds of the stems and 5 centimeters down, this is so that the plant does not die and can continue producing more.
  18. You have to make the cuts as straight as possible and with pruning shears so that the plant does not suffer.

What do you need to grow Stevia?

  • Stevia seeds.
  • Organic fertilizer.
  • Worm compost.
  • Pick and shovel.
  • Disposable cups.

Tips for Growing Stevia

  1. The first piece of advice is that when you are going to transplant the seeds from the cups into the ground, be very careful not to break the roots of the plant.
  2. The land must have sand and fertilizer well mixed and with a lot of moisture, not overflowing with water.
  3. Cut only the buds of the plant so that it can continue to live and produce more stevia leaves.
  4. To store stevia leaves, we recommend that you store them dry and in a vacuum container to prevent them from rotting.
  5. After 12 months, the plant can still be producing for approximately three years and maintaining its sweetness in its leaves.


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