Being in contact with nature transmits a lot of tranquility, inner peace, emotion and, sometimes, even nostalgia. It helps us to free ourselves from the stress of work, from everyday problems and pending occupations.

Looking at a beautiful landscape makes us rethink the purpose of our lives, makes us think about why we are here and where we want to go.

There are such beautiful landscapes that many would like to live near where they are to be able to contemplate them whenever they want. However, that is not always possible. Therefore, they settle for having a nice garden at home.

However, given this possibility, there may be some challenges. For example, maybe you don’t have enough space to have the garden you dream of. It can also happen that you live in an apartment and, therefore, it is impossible for you to have one.

In such circumstances, it is normal to feel frustrated and even discouraged. However, in this age of modernity and technology, you may have a virtual garden. Yes, you read it right. Today there are different applications and programs that can help you make your dream come true.

Virtual gardens also offer you the opportunity to design your garden in order to materialize the idea. This will reduce the chances of making a mistake. You will have the full security of knowing which flowers grow in the shade and which ones deserve sunlight to grow healthy and strong.

It will also give you an overview of how it will look, allowing you to make all the modifications you want and need, without the need to use physical force, spend on materials or spend more time than planned. If you don’t have the slightest idea of ​​how to have a virtual garden, don’t stop reading this post for nothing.

Instructions to have a virtual garden

Simulation has become present in the world of gardening, and not only to create different green spaces for video games, but also to have gardens that are more efficient and decorative.

Having a garden involves planning, planting and caring for plants, which involves investing a good part of your time. Those who do not have so much can choose to enjoy a virtual garden. Like a gardener, you will have to choose everything, that is, the extension of the land that you will work, the type of plants that you will grow, their location, the space that you will leave between them, etc.

It will also allow you to try the order of the plants over and over again and reorganize them whenever you want until you get a garden that suits your tastes and needs. You will be able to make what is now only in your imagination a reality.

Today, there are programs, applications and other technological tools that guarantee amazing results. Best of all, they have been designed to be easily used by everyone, from professionals to gardeners alike.

Each of them specializes in a specific field, and some follow the same principles as programs for architectural design. In addition, they are oriented towards him.

But what are these tools? What do you need to know to be able to have your own virtual garden? Where can you start?

What do you need to have a virtual garden?

Some of the applications that will be useful to create your virtual garden are the following:

  • This application is very useful in garden decoration. Thanks to the fact that it uses relocation, it can help you select the most suitable ones depending on the place and the climate in which you live. In addition to this, it gives you useful information to take care of them in the most appropriate way.
  • Also, divide plants into different categories, taking into account their foliage, fruits and flowers.
  •  Like That Garden. This application will be very helpful to find the inspiration you are looking for. You can use your phone camera to take a picture of a flower and instantly you will get results about this flower.
  • You can also explore and discover the flowers that best go with your home and garden. You can also learn how to take care of flowers and imagine what your next garden will be like.
  •  DIY Garden Ideas. Thanks to this app you can have many ideas for you to carry out yourself, regardless of whether your garden is large or small.
  • It is a game experience with which you can recreate how a modernized farm works. With it you will be able to grow different products from the field and put them up for sale, including the flowers from your garden.
  • This application is very easy to use. It allows you to choose the type of soil where you are going to sow, in addition to the shape and extension that your land will have.

It offers you tools, accessories, decorative elements and benches or bird feeders. It also incorporates a wide variety of links to Wikipedia, to learn more about plants and flowers.

Tips for having a virtual garden

Most of these apps are available for is and Android devices. So you can download them from the App Store.

When you are going to design your virtual garden, take into consideration the space and the characteristics of the land where you will do it. Also pay attention to the decorative elements that you want to adorn it.

The garden should be an extension of your own house; therefore it should be in harmony with it and with the entire environment that surrounds it, including the climate.  Try different programs and applications until you find the one that best suits your needs.

Remember that you can modify everything you want until you get a result that satisfies you and is definitive. Then, you will have the opportunity to maintain it and take care of the different plants that you have grown.

Actually, despite being a virtual experience, having a garden of this type can be very rewarding, relaxing and stimulating, since it will help you keep your mind focused on something other than what you carry out every day of routine way.


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