There are those who are born with the ease of performing certain tasks. For example, some people are very good at math calculations. Others have the dexterity in their hands to do different crafts. Some have a unique flavor for food and there are those who have a very fruitful imagination and are able to write stories, poems and songs.

No matter what the case, the bottom line is that we are not all born with the same abilities. Sometimes, as much as we try to familiarize ourselves with a task, it always puts us uphill, as if it were not our thing at all.

Such is the case with gardening. There are those who enjoy the beauty that plants bring. However, there is a chance that they may not have the finesse to care for them. It may also be because they have very little time or simply do not have the patience to give them the maintenance they require to grow beautiful and healthy.

Even so, that does not have to be a reason for you to deprive yourself of having plants in your house. You may be wondering: then who will take care of them? Simply not one. As strange and absurd as this idea may seem, the truth is that it is possible, how? Having your own artificial garden at home.

Yes, these gardens are made with materials that require a minimum of maintenance.  Another of its great benefits is that you will not have to invest time in watering it, pruning it and taking care of it from the most common pests and diseases in some plants.

If you are overwhelmed with the idea of ​​where to start, leave everything in my hands. As there are different types of gardens, in this opportunity, I will be indicating how you can make an artificial vertical garden at home, step by step so that the result is as realistic as possible. Let’s see it now.

Instructions to have an artificial garden at home

As hard as it may seem, a garden is not for everyone, because in addition to beautifying and decorating your home, it also requires frequent care to keep it in good condition.  Otherwise, in a short time, he could die.

This can discourage many and, therefore, they shy away from having one. However, you can have your own garden without having to take care of it. Of course, this does not mean that the solution I am giving you is that you pay for someone else to take care of it.  Actually, what I offer you is the possibility of having an artificial garden.

In fact, you can have one regardless of how little space you have in your home.  The solution is in an artificial vertical garden. If you think this is a good idea, just follow the instructions below:

  1. The first thing you should do is search for a wide variety of artificial plants of your choice. You can choose flowers and even moss. What really matters is that they are of good quality so that they look real and that the final result is durable.
  2. Prepare sheets of wood or some acrylic so you can stick the artificial flowers on it.  This material must be resistant but not too thick, since the idea is that it does not protrude too much from the wall.
  3. Use glue or adhesive that keeps the plants well adhered to the sheet. The best thing is that it is a waterproof material. Especially if you will have your garden away from home.
  4. When it is ready, you can add the decorative elements you want. Let your imagination fly and enjoy the process of making your artificial garden.

Now that you know what the procedure is to achieve it, the next thing is to be aware of  what materials you need to make your decorative project a reality.

What do you need to have an artificial garden at home?

As you have been able to realize, you will only need a couple of elements to make your artificial garden. Actually, the amount you will need will depend on the size you want your garden.

The essential materials include the following:

  •  The plants, flowers and artificial moss of your choice, either in quantity and variety.
  • A sheet of wood or acrylic.
  •  Glue or adhesive to fix the plants to the sheet.
  •  Decorative objects that go in harmony with the rest of the decoration of the house.

In addition to this, you will also need to determine where your artificial vertical garden fits best. You can place it inside or outside the house. If you decide to place it inside, you can choose a wall so that the artificial garden is the protagonist.

You can also use the half wall that is free above the furniture in the family room.  Everything will depend on your tastes and the amount of space you have. But what other recommendations should you take into consideration?

Tips for having an artificial garden at home

Just because you have an artificial garden doesn’t mean you can permanently forget about it. From time to time you will have to give it a little maintenance. Especially, in times of a lot of breeze, since it will be filled with dust and sand very easily, which will make it less natural and attractive?

On the other hand, over time and due to the incidence of many factors, the plants and flowers that make up your artificial vertical garden will deteriorate. To guarantee a good appearance for much longer, you must replace the plants.

In fact, you can remove and replace the flowers that are in season, which will make it look much more fresh and natural. Remember that the fewer elements it has the more natural it will look.

Best of all, when you get bored with it, you just have to take it down, just like you do with a painting. Which means that it will not be necessary to invest in remodeling costs, much less? A true wonder!

Now that you know how to have an artificial garden at home, what are you waiting for to get to work? Don’t let another day go by without you having the beauty of plants in your home. Remember that the artificial garden is low maintenance and can last a long time.


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