We have all gotten the encouragement to start planting our plants. Whether it’s seeing the plants in your friends’ or family’s houses. Or see those beautiful photos of different gardens. And thanks to that, it makes us want a garden or have several plants like that, and that’s great. Because that helps the environment a bit. Since currently humanity has concentrated on constructions. And that takes the land. And unfortunately, sometimes they have to remove the plants and/or trees from the area in order to build that supermarket or building.

But still, they transplant the plants to better places. And when they finish the construction.  They prepare a small area for the owner to decide which tree he wants to plant or if he wants to start with something small, like some flowers. But continuing with the beginning. When you notice that your plants are starting to get less happy. And you can easily notice that when the color of their leaves becomes darker and they lose their strength. Or that the worst case scenario, they do not bloom again. So in this article, I will tell you several tips to keep your plants healthy.

Tips to keep your plants healthy

  • Do not water with lime: You achieve these thanks to the fact that it is a hard residue which accumulates in taps, pipes and, impressively, in kettles. It is recommended that you leave the water you are going to use for watering a few days before using it.
  • Aerate the soil: It is not a difficult task to do. Simply by grabbing a stick and puncturing it a few times on the ground. It helps the air to penetrate well and the water to reach the roots of the plants well. Signifying a great favor to the plant.

Needs more time in the sun: If your plants cannot sprout their flowers, it means that they have not received too much time in the sun. And of course, plants also need it for photosynthesis. Normally, the recommended time is 6 hours a day. Being a good time to receive the indicated sunlight. And how can you notice that it is not receiving its sunlight well? It’s simple, when you see that the flower buds decide to get out of the plant, it means that they prefer to use the few resources it has to stay alive, which is not very good, since it needs all its resources to be healthy.

  • Make repellents: We have always come across these bugs on plants. Especially whiteflies, aphids and mealy bugs. Well, these insects are not harmless. Since they are in the biting types. And what they do is absorb the sap from the plants, making it weaker and weaker to the point that the insect cannot absorb any more because the plant no longer has any. You can put in a sprayer, water and soap. And you can avoid them for a while.

More tips

Bicarbonate: this product, besides being cheap. It also helps for our plants. Thus, a great substitute for products that helps too much to kill insects. But they can harm your plants; since their chemicals are more toxic, and although they help keep insects from appearing in your garden, they can also make the plant lose strength. Also, you can save more money. All you have to do is dilute a charade of baking soda in a liter of water. And that’s it, when the bugs start to appear, you can use the mixture as a vaporizer. But of course, you should not use it too much on the plant.

Color of the leaves: This case only applies to the plants that you have inside your house. When you start to see that they are losing their color. You can do the following. You just have to look for nails that you are not using (if you have nails that are already toxic, the better) and drive several into the ground. And when you go to water, the nail will be rusting, providing the necessary iron for the leaves of the plants to recover their color, which everyone likes.


Of course, in this last tip, you should not wait until the plant begins to lose the color of its leaves. Because if not the process for it to recover will be slower, or maybe it can’t work because you were a little late. But still, it is easy to notice it. You can also add iron regularly, in case you are too busy not to notice that the plant is losing the color of its leaves. And that’s a disease, called iron choruses. Which a disease that is caused by a lack of iron in plants.


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