The development of a garden is synonymous with health for our lives of health. Its main meaning is to eat healthy without chemicals and preservatives, being natural and organic. It equals greater longevity in our lives here on earth. It also gives us a permanent supply of food, a symbol of an alternative option for our survival. The garden helps us awaken in our lives nutritional habits and new healthier styles. And the possibility of also improving our economic income, individually, as well as family income.

It also strengthens and stimulates the bonds between family members; Improving bonding and communication. When making a garden, the spaces in sites are used: Urban, extra-urban and non-urban; with the selection of recycled materials to give it an adequate use in the elaboration of the garden. The acquisition of wisdom or knowledge that we absorb makes us improve our knowledge of our great-grandparents and grandparents for future generations in formation of each region of the world.

But before knowing how to make a garden, you must first know some things so that you take it into account.

What is the Garden?

It is an extension of land of 1.20 mx 1 m as minimum and maximum dimensions, the measures of 10,000 m² hectares. Where their main crop is legumes and vegetables, they are much larger than orchards with much fewer trees and more vegetables. In most parts of the world all the land is used for legumes, vegetables and greens.

Types of Garden

  • Soil gardens: This is a bit of luck or it takes a little time for all the effort to bear fruit since the land you want to use may have already been used a short time ago and the nutrients they already had They will not be more effective but still give the same result but with a little more time
  • Pot gardens: This is seen a lot in urban cities because the land will no longer be the same as it was before it became urban, so pots are used with the land transplanted from another place to be able to make the garden.
  • Cultivation tables: The cultivation tables are orchards that are built inside some tables, which have a certain height if you want the plants to be located at a higher height from the ground.
  • Orchards of traditional agriculture: this, as its name indicates, is done traditionally without having to use special tools such as chemical fertilizers, insecticide, among others.
  • Orchards with agro ecological techniques: These are ecological orchards in which only natural techniques are used within the cultivation process, without having to use any product such as organic and synthetic.

Now let’s continue with the procedures to make your own garden.

Steps to create the garden

For the development of a garden you need certain characteristics.

  1. Location of the chosen land has to be cleared in the aerial zone where the sunlight is not covering the place where you want between 8 to 10 hours a day.
  2. Water for irrigation is necessary to have a rainwater storage pond and to have its water supplies throughout the year.
  3. Have or develop a place where we can throw away the waste from the preparation of a meal or salad. Putting them water, air and temperature so that they decompose, that constitutes a rich source of vitamins and nutrients for the crops to prepare the chosen land for planting.

Characteristics of a garden to be productive

  1. The association of crops: It is to choose the crops that benefit each other, that do not fight for the absorption of nutrients in the soil.
  2. Crop rotation: An area of ​​​​land where it was planted last year this year must be cultivated in another area that is already prepared with compost. Not every year you have to plant in the same place because the quality and efficiency will drop significantly.
  3. The use of fertilizers is paramount: Preparing the land guarantees success in crops and optimal growth in legumes and vegetables.

Note: A fertile soil must have: Air, water, minerals and organic matter. It is important to restore the amount of organic matter in the soil, the area chosen for the garden.

Now that you can make a garden you can lead a healthier life and make the most of it.  Having a good diet and vitamins in your life and that of your family. Without having the need to buy foods that have chemicals that are damaging your body in the long term as time goes by, you can also try selling your crops to increase both the income and the production of your crops, making them more nutritious and increasing their quality.


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