Geraniums are perfect plants to decorate our balconies or terraces as they withstand high temperatures very well and are very easy to care for. In addition, the great color of its flowers manages to brighten the appearance of our houses and buildings.

If you want to start planting geraniums and you don’t know how, keep reading because throughout this article we will explain in detail the procedure that you must carry out. You will discover that planting geraniums is a very fun and simple activity so… what are you waiting for to start?

What do you need to plant geraniums?

  • Geranium seeds or cuttings
  • Land
  • Passes
  • Pots

Instructions for planting geraniums

  1. Before starting to plant you must take into account a series of aspects. The first of them is really important and you have to do with the time of year in which you should plant.  You must plan the event carefully so that it takes place after the frost season. If you plant during the winter, you will most likely get nothing but waste of time and effort.  Geraniums withstand high temperatures very well, but frosts suit them quite well. When the plants are adult and strong they can withstand quite cold weather, but the same does not happen when they are weakened or in the process of growth. You should also remember that the flowering of geraniums occurs in summer, so the ideal is that you plant them in spring. However, you can also plant them during the summer or autumn, although if you do it during this last season, you must take special care that this occurs at least three months before the frost begins.
  2. Another important point to keep in mind when planting geraniums is to choose a good place. Actually, this point is of no importance if you decide to use a pot, since you will be able to move it easily, but, without a doubt, it will be of vital importance if you decide to plant them in your garden. In case you have decided on the second option, you should choose a very bright place, since geraniums need a lot of light. Remember that they can withstand very high temperatures, but if you live in a very hot climate you should opt for a place where during the hottest hours they can receive some shade. You should never select a place in the shade because they will not grow healthy and you will have very few flowers, looking sad and downcast.
  3. In case you decide to use a pot, make sure it is the right one. You must take into account the size and material. It is recommended that you opt for a clay pot, as this will allow the plant to enjoy good drainage. This is important since geraniums have a tendency to rot if their roots get soaked in water. As for the size, I cannot offer you a standard measure since that will depend on the species of geranium you decide to plant. There are more than 240 varieties and each of them has different colors and sizes. If you select a large variety, you must be sure that your pot will be able to offer it the space it needs throughout its growth. I recommend that you inform yourself of the type of species that you are going to plant and that you consider the final size that your geraniums can reach. Another option is to use a medium-sized pot and over time, as the plant grows, change it.
  4. Once you have selected the place where you will plant your geraniums, you must prepare the soil. The soil must be loose, very well oxygenated and for this you can remove it with the help of a gardening trowel. It must also have a neutral pH and be rich in organic matter and to ensure that this is the case, the best thing you can do is place a layer of compost. If you are going to plant in your garden you must make sure that it has a good drainage system and that the water will not puddle. Remember that this point is essential so that the geraniums do not contract diseases or their roots rot.
  5. Then you must make small holes in which you will later place the seeds or geranium cuttings. You can do them with a finger or with the help of a stick. The holes should have a minimum separation that allows the geraniums to grow without disturbing each other.  Again the separation will depend on the variety of geranium that you have decided to plant. Do not worry too much about the depth of them, with about three centimeters will be more than enough.
  6. Place the seeds or cuttings in the hole. If you would be interested in planting cuttings but you do not know how, you will be pleased to know that it is very simple. You simply have to select a number of healthy stems from your geraniums. The length of each stem should be about ten centimeters. Choose the youngest and strongest as the oldest take longer to take root. It is also not recommended that you select the paler colored ones. You must cut them with a fairly sharp tool so that they do not spoil or fray. Cut two or three stems for each pot so that you can guarantee at least one of them. Before planting them, leave them submerged in water for a few days so that they release roots. When you are going to insert the cuttings into the ground, make a small cut in one of the nodes closest to the base.
  7. Cover the hole with soil and water. Don’t use too much water as it will drown them; just sprinkle the soil with a small amount of water so that it is a little moist. If you have used cuttings, make sure that the water does not fall directly on them and focus on the base of the stem.

Tips for planting geraniums

  • As you may have seen through a careful reading of the previous steps, planting geraniums is a very simple and fairly quick procedure. It is a very strong and resistant plant so you should not take too many precautions. However it is a good idea to cover the pot for the first few days with clear plastic. This will allow light to enter and maintain optimum humidity levels. If you have planted outdoors it will also offer you protection against birds and insects.
  • Finally, it is advisable to plant flowers during the period of action of the full moon or crescent. The action of the moon during these phases helps to further growth of vegetation.
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