After having told you about how to eliminate ants at home if they enter your home, now is the time for us to explain how to eliminate ants from the garden.

It is very important to remove them from your garden, since these small insects, although they may not seem like it a priori, can end up destroying that garden that has cost you so much to create and design. These small insects, which have great mobility and agility, can destroy your plants, so it is important to keep them under control.

They are capable of destroying your plants by building tunnels around their roots, which means that water and nutrients do not reach them in the proper way, which will end up causing the plant to die or progressively dry out.

For this reason, if you want to know how to eliminate ants from the garden, you just have to follow the steps that we are going to indicate, which are natural remedies with which you will be able to avoid an invasion of ants in your garden and make it possible to maintain it always. Healthy, and without the use of pesticides.

Instructions to eliminate ants from the garden

If you want to know how to eliminate ants from the garden, you should take into account the following remedies:

  1. Vinegar. A simple, fast and effective option to end an ant infestation that you may have detected in your garden is to choose to use vinegar, a substance that is useful for numerous applications in the home and that is also useful for this purpose. To do this you must prepare a solution based on vinegar and water in equal parts. Then you should spray it around the garden. It is a highly effective product thanks to its high acid content, which is very poisonous to ants. The smell it gives off will also repel and chase away these insects from your garden.
  2. Coffee beans. Another great option to eliminate ants from your garden is to resort to the use of coffee beans, which you must mix with baking soda. Once you have done it, you will only have to distribute them around the garden to prevent these insects from taking over your garden, with the negative impact that this entails. Thanks to the smell that is given off by the coffee beans, the ants get away from it.
  3. Boiling water In the event that you have detected the presence of an anthill in your garden, one of the best methods to get rid of it quickly and easily is to take water and boil it. Once you have done it, you just have to pour it on it and in this way you will be able to kill all the ants that are inside it, preventing them from re-entering your garden. You can repeat this process several times until you can be sure that you have killed the entire ant colony.
  4. Garlic. On the other hand, we have the natural remedy that can be used with a basic product that everyone has in their kitchen, garlic. The strong smell that this ingredient gives off makes the ants leave your garden. To apply it you must take it and crush or chop it and then mix it with water. Once this is done, you will only have to take a sprayer and apply it to the plants or where you have detected the existence of an ant colony, which will help you eliminate them.
  5. Lemon and water. There is also the possibility of resorting to water and lemon. Making a solution with these two ingredients will give rise to a juice that, in addition to being used as a remedy for human consumption, also acts as a good ant repellent. This is because it has a high acid content, which causes confusion in the ants. You just have to spray it where they are to kill it.
  6. Soap. Soap is also a good solution against ant pests that you may have in your garden.  In this case, you should also mix it with water, thus creating a solution that you can apply to the areas where you have detected the existence of ants. A good way to get rid of these insects that inhabit your garden.
  7. Need oil. Need oil is a product that is sold in garden stores. You just have to spray the ant colonies with it and you will kill them. This is a very effective method, although it will make you have to look for a product that is not as homemade as the rest.
  8. Chalk or talc. Baby powder or chalk is a natural repellant for insects like ants. You just have to sprinkle it in some areas of your garden and thus you will prevent them from passing through them, thus keeping the beach under control and contributing to its elimination.
  9. Lettuce, lavender, lavender, calendula or mint. Finally, we must remember that there are many products that also contribute to being able to eliminate ants from the garden in a completely natural way. This is the case of lettuce, calendula, mint, lavender or lavender. You just have to plant them in your garden and with the smell they give off you can kill these insects while you decorate this space in your home.

What do you need to eliminate ants from the Garden?

  • Vinegar (method 1)
  • Coffee beans and bicarbonate (method 2)
  • Boiling water (method 3)
  • Garlic (method 4)
  • Lemon and water (method 5)
  • Soap (method 6)
  • Need oil (method 7)
  • Chalk or talc (method 8)
  • Lettuce, lavender, lavender, calendula or mint (method 9)

Tips to eliminate ants from the garden

  • If instead of being in the garden you have detected the presence of ants on the plants in the garden, you need to resort to other methods. You can consult our pest control section for more information.


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