One of the most unknown plants in Spain, but more aesthetic and prettier (aesthetically speaking) is the famous plant called either Monster delicious or as it is commonly known, Adam’s flower or Adam’s rib.

A priori, it is a showy plant. Not because of its color, in fact, it does not have colored flowers it is green. But with a bearing, a size, a power and a green hue that makes this plant precious.

Because of its color, because of its size (we will talk about it in more detail later, but it can go between small and huge), with a bearing that makes it elegant, modern, without going out of style, pretty, that fits in any room as well as to give at any age.

Although it is a resistant plant that withstands inclement weather quite well and is quite resistant, it is true that care must be taken because it needs specific care.

Instructions for caring for the Monster delicious plant

  1. The delicious Monster or as we have already said, Adam’s rib, are plants that are characterized by their aesthetics. They are easily recognizable by the shape of their leaves.
  2. They are plants, which have huge leaves (rather large until they can become quite large) and with a characteristic shape (see the photographs).
  3. It is a plant that, as a characteristic apart from its large and majestic leaves, its color also prevails and draws attention. It has a green color, perfect.
  4. Its shape is said to be quite similar to the rib, hence the name Adam’s rib.
  5. Adam’s rib or Monster Delicious is a plant that many people, even if they don’t know it, is a climbing plant. What does this mean? That it is a plant that can climb the fence, that sticks or climbers can be attached to it (which are poles/sticks) that help to entangle the plant in the sticks and thus the plant will climb to your liking.
  6. The stems of the plant are not extremely robust or rigid, so they can be handled and are malleable. Be careful, they are not extremely flexible either…so you have to be careful. If the stem breaks, the leaf will consequently break because it cannot be planted or replanted.
  7. Having said the above, it must be taken into account that the plant, as it grows or, if it is large, as it has enormous leaves, will begin to bend and expire. To remedy it, you have to try to raise it. It is what we told you, the best way is to try to climb it or, place the poles so that it can hold on and/or climb. If not, it will begin to expire, it will fall, the leaves will fall to the ground and in the end the plant will look lifeless, without looking as it should and will appear to be hideous.
  8. As for care, there are many who complain that Adam’s rib is dying it shouldn’t be like that, unless you don’t pay proper attention to it. In fact, it is a quite grateful plant. If you give her the minimum that she needs, you will see her look beautiful, precious, with vigor, wearing those beautiful huge green leaves.
  9. If you are going to plant it outdoors, in the garden, you have to take into account the type of light, heat and humidity/irrigation. It is not the same that you have the plant inside the home than that you do it outdoors. In both cases, it adapts perfectly and can live without problems.
  10. If you decide to do it outdoors, you will have to take into account certain requirements.  For example, the most vital and important, light. Light is necessary for it to live well, but it should not be exposed to direct sunlight for many hours. If you place it in full sun, with a lot of direct sun, it will end up burning and the leaves will start to burn and spoil. Therefore, keep in mind that it does need light but it should not be direct.
  11. Also do not go to place it in an area where the Monster delicious does not receive light, because it will begin to shrink, it will not grow vigorously, the leaves will begin to spoil, staying small, without stretching, it will not grow and it will turn yellow. Therefore, light is very necessary.
  12. It is vitally important that both irrigation and lighting are really in place and at the right time. As for light, we have already discussed in broad strokes the basics and vital. But going into more detail, it is necessary to try to “copy” its true habitat. You have to think with your head. With trick. For example, think, Adam’s plant, it’s tropical, right? Well then, for it to survive well, it needs a similar environment. That said, you have to try to copy it.
  13. A tropical environment thinks of how it is. Nothing to do with the Mediterranean or very dry environments. In fact, remove the opposite… in the tropics, what abounds, above all, is humidity. A sticky environment. Therefore, the risk, beware. Not a lot of water. Nothing to pour water on it and let it stagnate. If this is done (a very common mistake) the water can become stagnant and, therefore, the plant will rot and die. It must be avoided.
  14. It needs water, but moderate (do not forget) that does not stagnate. Better to spray the leaves but that the water does not always fall directly on it. If you can be somewhat sheltered, better. If the direct water begins to fail, you will begin to notice that the leaves are damaged, burned and in the end, the plant will drown.
  15. Or the same, in terms of lighting. The light must be present, but it must be filtered. It cannot be direct because the leaves will burn. If we think of the tropical forest and try to put it in its “zone”, we must know that there are always trees, plants sheltered areas.  Therefore, it can be in the garden if you want , but the sun, as long as it does not hit it directly at all hours. In the interiors of the home, it can also be, but always let the sun shine on it, in a subdued way.
  16. If you place it inside the house you have to take into account above all, that you have to avoid heating (heat), air conditioning (draughts are its worst enemy), that it does not dry out because it dies (just like with an excess of water). To do this, the trick is to vaporize the leaves so that the plant and its leaves are hydrated.

What do you need to take care of the Monster delicious plant?

  • A good land.
  • have a subtract
  • Moderate irrigation. It should NOT be excessive or daily so that it does not rot.
  • Vaporize its leaves so that it is hydrated.
  • It must have light, but in an indirect way.

Tips to care for the Monster delicious plant

The monster delicious plant or Adam’s rib (which is how it is more popularly known), is a plant that is not at all complicated to maintain . A plant even suitable for these reasons, for people who are beginners or who are not very good at taking care of plants or flowers. The typical ones that the most common flowers or even the cacti die.


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