The Jar din Anglia’s is a very emblematic park in the city of Geneva, located specifically in Switzerland. It is characterized by having an English design, which draws a lot of attention from tourists. It also has more than 160 foundations, since it was specifically established in 1854.

Although this city is surrounded by various gardens of all kinds, this one is one of the most popular. For this reason it is one of the places that you should visit if you visit this area of ​​​​the planet.

What do you need?

  • Plan the visit
  • Go to Geneva -Switzerland
  • Leisure
  • Good disposition
  • Enjoy the natural landscapes
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Love for gardens


  1. A point of reference. The Jar din Anglia’s is one of the most important elements of the city of Geneva, as mentioned above. For this reason it is used as a reference point for locals and tourists who live there. In addition to surrounding the legendary Lake Geneva, which makes it an ideal complement. Being such an important reference point, anyone could easily tell you how to get there. So there is no excuse not to visit it during your stay in the city.
  2. Seize the day. The second point to keep in mind, if you want to visit and really get to know the Jar din Anglia’s, is that you must have enough time. This park may not have a large area, but you will want to have the necessary hours and minutes to enjoy each of the attractions that it offers. Especially if you are a lover of nature and the landscapes that it can offer. If you’re busy or have little time, it’s best to leave meeting it for another day, but don’t stop going during your stay in the city. This place represents Geneva in many ways and it is important that as tourists you understand why it is so important. For this, the most important thing is the period that you can dedicate to it, which must be enough so that you do not remain dissatisfied with the visit.
  3. Visit the flower clock. Since you have enough time, and you have given yourself the opportunity to get to know this landmark, it is time to start the tour. For this, the most marked meeting point, to begin with, is the legendary flower clock. This attraction is one of the characteristics of the garden, but also of the city of Geneva in general. It is unique in its kind as it is the largest in the world to date and represents the importance of the watch industry for the Swiss nation. For this reason it is officially a national monument. The clock tells the passage of time through the colors of the flowers that make it up. They change according to the season that is happening in the city. In addition to one of the most striking points is the fact that the numbers that mark the hours are outside and not inside it. It is truly a must-see attraction that will catch your eye as you pass through Jar din Anglia’s.
  4. See Lake Leman. When attending the Anglia’s Garden you will not be able to stop observing the renowned Lake Leman, also called Lake Geneva, since it is one of the parks that surrounds it. This stretch of water is characterized by being the largest of its kind in Western Europe. In addition to being surrounded by the Alps, French shores and of course Switzerland. Another important part is that from the park you can see some boats that go around the lake. Meanwhile, the contrast between the sky, the water and the sun are a landscape worth admiring, especially in the warmer seasons.
  5. Walking through the different areas of the park is definitely one of the activities you need to do. Precisely, this is the main reason why you need enough time to get to know this place. Where the urban and the natural are combined in inseparable magnificence.
  6. Emblematic monuments. Throughout the park you can find different sculptures and monuments that tell a little more about the history of the park and even of the city. You can also enjoy the work of distinctive local artists. That is why it is good to stop to admire each of these representations. One of the focal points that generates visits is the monument entitled “Les quarts seasons” made in 1864. It represents the union of Geneva to the Swiss confederation in 1814. It is because of this type of representation that it is said that the Garden tells part of the country’s history.
  7. A pleasure to relax. Not everything is learning and walks in the Anglia’s Garden, it is also the ideal place to relax. You can meet in this place to talk in a pleasant way or simply to be alone with your thoughts, since it lends itself to this type of particular situation.
  8. Music Entertainment. Another of the factors by which this part of the world is characterized is its musical entertainment. This is due to the fact that there is an old kiosk between its paths that during certain seasons of the year offers different musical pieces to entertain its visitors. These concerts are usually held in the summer, especially at night. The same are not one, nor two; they are usually a fairly large number. For this reason, it is ideal to go during this time to enjoy the musical quality that this specific nation and city offers.
  9. Enjoy nature. Finally, the most important thing when visiting the Anglia’s Garden is that you can enjoy what nature offers. The trees, paths, landscapes and grass, everything is part of this symbolic place and therefore you have to know how to enjoy it. For nature lovers it will be an ideal paradise and for those who do not have this type of taste, they can also get an excellent impression due to the finish that is given to each of the spaces. It is really a wonderful combination between the urban and the natural, which must be enjoyed by the public that visits the Swiss country.


  • The Jar din Anglia’s, like most parks in the world, is a place that needs citizens to take care of it. For this reason, there is a recommendation that when visiting such an emblematic place, respect its spaces and the rest of the population that lives there in every way.
  • The idea is that everyone who attends this place can enjoy the attractions that it offers and has offered over time. Therefore, each of the areas that make it up must be protected.
  • Switzerland may sound like a fairly distant destination but it is really worth enjoying the wonders that the Jar din Anglia’s have to offer. It is a unique place in the world; it has an interesting history and spectacular landscapes. Being so emblematic, it should be part of the places to visit if you pass through Geneva.


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