Plants are used today for many things apart from being ornamental; among them are medicinal plants or plants that help people to heal from various ailments that afflict them since they usually work quickly in organisms and more naturally.

Since ancient times, the ancestors who walked the earth before all the current ones, have managed a knowledge in the botanical part that has served to improve certain aspects of humans, curing diseases that used to be impossible or difficult.

With the passage of time, the traditional gave way to the modern, carrying out a transition from the plant directly to the element that serves as a base to cure all kinds of diseases  such as infusions, capsules, granules, among many other things that help improve health.

But what happens when it comes to the plant in its natural state? Being able to achieve that these natural elements can be better than those that have been chemically treated and that can cause some type of adverse symptoms has its complexity that is why this interests you.

Leaving all this behind, do you know what medicinal plants are, what they are and what they are for? If your answer is negative, in this article we will show you some that you can count on to greatly improve your appearance, remove pain, improve your skin or even heal a wound.

What do you need:

  • Aloe Vera.
  • Valerian.
  • Chamomile.
  • Lemon and honey.
  • Wildberry.
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Expectorants.
  • Antihistamines.
  • Repellants.
  • Antiseptic
  • Cleaners.
  • Rejuvenators.
  • Anti-diarrhea.
  • Diuretics.
  • Against pain.


Medicinal plants are all those that we have within reach of our hands in the garden of any house to have in case we feel bad at any time and we do not have any pill or capsule that relieves us of any symptom.

It is not that you substitute drugs for plants, because that is not what this article is about, it is simply the possibility that you recognize the power of a plant for any need you have if you are far from the city and from a nearby pharmacy and present an emergency.

In any case, before taking any natural medicine that comes from a plant, you should first consult a specialist who is going to decide when you can do it and with the appropriate tests if your body is fit for you to take them.

It is important to know that doses in treatments are often exceeded and therefore problems arise which are due to the secondary symptoms that are produced by taking a natural plant to improve any state, therefore extreme care must be taken.

Some of the best known medicinal plants can be mentioned below:

  1. Aloe Vera. It has many uses and is the most common of its kind because in addition to being easy to grow, it has ample power to regenerate many of the diseases and ailments that usually appear in our day to day life. Do you have any of these plants at home?  Among many of its benefits we can mention antiseptic, refreshing, slimming, against indigestion, sunburn or other, among many more, being an important collaborator that we can have at home for when we need it.
  2. Valerian is an important sleeping pill that helps you sleep more or rest during stressful or high-anxiety periods that have to do with studies, work, exams, among many other activities, since it has a sedative effect that calms any sleep of this type. It is important that you take it before doing any work where you need to rest a lot, but without daring to exceed the dose because you can have numbness problems even when you need to move from one place to another while driving.
  3. Parsley is a plant that grows wild and you can get it almost anywhere. It has healing properties that have to do with fluid retention, giving the person the possibility of helping people when it comes to urinary infections. Apart from all this, if you eat it in salads in your daily diet, it helps you lose weight or take care of your figure, as well as being used in detox shakes so that you feel all the healing power of removing the harmful toxins that lodge in your body and produce various ailments.
  4. Lavender and rosemary. They are two herbs that taken together in an infusion have the power to help the brain to increase its capacity and work better in each of its functions, optimizing the passage of blood and therefore a greater development of the body. They are also usually special at the time of decongesting the respiratory tract if they are given a little mint herbs, to make night inhalations that can help you breathe and therefore have a deep sleep to heal faster.
  5. Flax and plum seeds. A combination of flaxseeds with plum leaves have the ability to promote proper digestion so that the walls of the intestines can help eliminate waste that is harmful to the body naturally and quickly. That is why these two ingredients offer a high dose of oils that can help against constipation as a viable natural remedy and a good option so that you can eat it daily to improve this condition that causes other conditions such as obesity.
  6. Ginger is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can help you when it comes to pain and burning in the urinary tract or channel through which urine passes. In addition, parsley is another option that helps calm and eliminate the symptoms of this painful condition. When the urine has an acidic pH, it is difficult for bacteria to accumulate on the walls of the urinary canal, helping to prevent the symptoms of an infection from appearing, causing you to feel pain and burning when urinating. In addition to all this, it is advisable to drink plenty of fluids.
  7. The tarragon. It has relaxing properties of the organism which helps the person to lower their guard and be able to control that high level of anxiety that comes in communion with stress, for this reason it is important that an infusion with this herb is consumed before going to sleep. It is important to keep in mind that each herb has its own healing power, so there are others such as valerian, chamomile, and dill, among many others that perform the same function as this, so you can also try to combine them and get an extra flavor.
  8. Green tea. This herb is usually very special when it comes to aging, since it has antioxidant power in order to prevent damage from free agents that are harmful to both the skin and any sensitive part of the human body, so a dose of this infusion will it can help. It has also been proven that it helps against respiratory and heart conditions, being an important elemental to prevent diseases that have to do with these annoying and terrible conditions that attack people.
  9. Melissa (Melissa). It is a very important herb because it has the healing power to help in feverish conditions, cold sores, also for the stomach at times of pain, poor digestion or even bad breath, so it is another plant that becomes part of all the natural ones. . Who help you on a daily basis?
  10. Cat’s claw. Cat’s claw is a special medicinal plant for the immune system, strengthening it in such a way that it helps prevent viral diseases such as the flu, colds, fever, nausea, among many others, so there is no doubt that it should be taken. It is also known for its power against labia and genital herpes infections, which are becoming more and more frequent for people to get this type of infection that is found in the air, causing sores to form around the mouth and intimate parts.
  11. The Mint. The ore is a plant that has served in a great way to benefit everything that deals with the respiratory system or the conditions that can be suffered in these parts such as cough, cold, flu, nasal congestion, phlegm, mucus, among many other things. In addition to all this, it also improves stomach acidity in people who suffer from irritable bowel, and the symptoms that this type of condition usually brings, it also prevents bad breath, so chewing some leaves of this plant serves to calm any symptom.
  12. Garlic has many healing properties, including curing bad breath, helping the immune system, anti-inflammatory, as well as helping children to attack parasites that generally cause fever, diarrhea and vomiting in the smallest of the house.
  13. It is the most complete among the medicinal plants that has enough power to keep a person healthy, so a daily dose of fasting garlic will help you in many ways to prevent your body from catching any disease.
  14. The bold. It is a plant that is cultivated mainly in Latin and South America, but is already being known worldwide with a wide spectrum of help for different diseases such as high fevers, liver infections, in addition to relieving muscle pain.

Many times there is knowledge about medicinal plants that have come to revolutionize the world of pharmacological companies, but in reality they are based on the leaves of a plant for their preparation, so it is important that you know many of them and cultivate them in your garden.


  • Plants are effective when it comes to taking care of your health, so growing them can be very important.
  • Ask for the advice and recommendations of an expert when it comes to treatments with medicinal plants.
  • Do not stop taking the pharmacological treatment prescribed by a doctor and more so if it must be taken for life.
  • It is important that when making the infusions you have to let the tea rest so that it adsorbs all the essential properties of the plant and thus makes it easier to heal.
  • Find information on more plants that help you in the various diseases you may contract.
  • Study the conservation of plants as well as how you should cultivate them so that you have a dose of natural medicine in your home.
  • Do not use herbs in children under two years of age or in pregnant women.
  • Many of these herbs have abortifacient components hence should not be used when pregnant.


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